North Colorado Springs Store is NOW OPEN!

4710 Northpark Drive, Suite 110, Colorado Springs CO 80918 
Phone: (719) 283-7555

Stay Tuned! Grand Opening Party Happening September 10th!
The quick 1-2 punch strategy to kill beetles & grubs
We all have experienced Japanese beetles and grubs destroying plants, shrubs, trees and turf - decimate those pesky pests without hurting the environment, pollinators or pets.
Training Video: Introduction to the Sales Process
In this video we'll break down a very simplified series of six steps that must be followed to put the prospect in a position where they're comfortable with choosing you as their contractor.
Power considerations for string patio lighting
article by Prime Patio
String patio lighting is an easy up-sell for all outdoor living projects. Explaining power considerations to your customer or new hires may be tricky, use this article to help.
New CO law requiring water efficient sprinklers
CO House Bill 19-1231, “ New Appliance Energy and Water Efficiency Standards ,” is in effect, but the rule on spray sprinkler bodies will apply to sales made on or after Jan. 1, 2021.
What you need to know for fighting necrotic ringspot
Necrotic ringspot (NRS) is the most destructive disease of Kentucky bluegrass in Colorado. The disease also damages red fescue and annual bluegrass. Look for fungicide products with propiconazole for effective plant recovery.
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