From the Executive Director Mary Brooks
Delivered with love

Every morning, 7 days a week, 364 days a year, White Pony Express volunteers wake up in the morning and decide to make a difference in the lives of others . I was struck by this one recent, very early, Sunday morning as I joined a group of cheery (if sleepy) volunteers accepting deliveries of food, pulling clothing for people who needed warm coats, and loading crates of food for our twice-per-week deliveries up to Butte county .  
Many of the drivers and distribution helpers for our efforts to help the survivors of the Butte county fires are volunteers -- which means that they get up early, load the crates and clothing bags, and make the 6+ hours round trip drive to deliver this abundance with love. The 24-hour news cycle today has moved far past this November tragedy that struck our neighbors to the north -- but the harsh conditions of those who lost everything continues.  To read some of their stories of struggle and hope, and how your organization is bringing hope, care, and reliability as well as food and clothing, please see the article below.

Delivering with love is what we do at White Pony Express, from the attention given to each toy, each article of clothing, each emergency backpack assembled for someone living on the streets, to the crates of spring fruits and vegetables we sort for our Food Rescue recipient partners. Everything is given with the same love that we have for our dearest friends and families.

With warm wishes for a bountiful spring,
Butte Fire Response Continues
On November 14, 2018, White Pony Express resumed making daily refrigerated truck runs to Butte County with perishable ready-to-eat meals and envelopes of donated cash to aid the fire victims.  

After the first two weeks, WPE learned that although a lot of food was being shipped to the affected areas, it was often not reaching those living in isolated areas where grocery stores are not available, where some residents don’t have transportation, or others are limited by physical disabilities.

Currently WPE is still making trips to Butte County two times per week and ... >> READ MORE
Volunteer Spotlight: Awesome Emma!
...Emma is not your ordinary 18 year old.

For over a year Emma has been a regular and dedicated Wednesday volunteer in the FGS Toy Department . Emma knows toy trends, new doll names, the popular board games and stuffed toys that kids love.

Her dedication to the needs of children in our community shows in her plans after graduation and most recently when Emma, out shopping at a big neighborhood garage sale for new and like new toys for an upcoming Mobile Boutique, became a WPE Ambassador and fundraiser ... >> READ MORE
Pony Tales: Stories From the Community
Many children and families rely on WPE for healthy food and fresh clothing. To meet these needs, WPE requires year-round financial support from people like you. Join WPE's special community of monthly donors and uplift lives all year long.
Thank you for your generous support!

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