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Summer, 2019
Dear Friends,

So much going on!

Though my responsibilities at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons took up most of my time this year, I still logged several thousand miles traveling to diverse communities.

And next year looks similar.  I'll be running the school in East Hampton, teaching adults there, and trying to squeeze in Scholar-in-Residence appearances as my time permits.  ( Let me know if you're interested in bringing me to your community, or keep reading for more information.)

In the meantime, this summer will mostly see me teaching in East Hampton.  If you're in the area, I hope you'll stop by!

Have a great summer!


Bring Me to Your Community
My weekend schedule for 2019-2020 is already almost full, but I have more availability during the week, including a few reduced-cost opportunities.  So now's the time to start planning a presentation, class, or other appearance.

My most popular topics include:
  • Will the Real Bible Please Stand Up?
  • Four Exiles and Four Spiritual Revolutions
  • Ancient Answers to Good and Evil
  • The Mystery and Majesty of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Bible Doesn't Say That
  • Biblical Answers to Political Questions
Most of these are well suited to interfaith study, and I'm always happy to tailor my visit to fit your community.

Find more on-line, or reach out to me directly to follow up.

Travel Spotlight
Sunset in Montuak
Sunset in Montauk

Not surprisingly, this travel photo comes from Montuak on the east end of Long Island.  (I shot this with a new phone that I bought because of its stellar camera.  If you're curious --- and if you like photography, you should be, because it's amazing --- find out more here.)
"[A] wit­ty and ac­cess­ible look at Scrip­ture ... Hoff­man has pro­duced the best kind of popu­lar scholar­ship."
     -Publishers Weekly

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