Bite-Size Blog #27 -- J. Morris Hicks

Hicks & Graff to Speak in Anaheim

J. Morris Hicks
Dr. Kerry Graff and I are pleased to announce that we will be speaking at the 4th Annual International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare conference--taking place from Sept. 21-24 at the Anaheim, California Marriott. 

We are thrilled to be speaking during the first morning of the conference--just after two plant-based superstars: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish. Please encourage your family physician, internist or cardiologist to attend this conference. They can earn CMEs while learning how to prescribe the "Ultimate RX" for all their patients. Here are a few handy links:
  Kerry Graff, MD
Why are we presenting? Most physicians who attend are looking for ways to incorporate the power of whole, plant-based foods into their medical practices. And my co-speaker, Dr. Kerry Graff has a great deal of experience in doing that.

As for me, I am describing my initial research that led me to 4Leaf and meeting Dr. Graff. I also cover the "big picture" importance of our food choices as they relate to health, hope and harmony on our planet. 

This great conference has grown steadily from just under 200 in 2013 to the nearly 1,000 expected for this year's conference in Anaheim.

J. Morris Hicks

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