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Volume 6, Issue 7                                                          December 2014
The term "hidden hunger" can be applied to the increasing number of older adults who live alone and aren't getting the food they need. Last year, nine percent of senior households did not have reliable access to enough affordable and nutritious food.

Let's work together to lower that statistic in 2015. Here are a few ways that we can help elders who may not be eating well or enough.

Notice changes.
If you're a caregiver or a neighbor, check on older adults living alone and make sure they seem healthy, alert, and well-nourished. Look in the refrigerator and check the cupboards, look at food expiration dates, and take note of weight gains or losses and changes in appetite.

Help out.
Volunteer your time or donate to local organizations, such as Meals on Wheels, food banks, nonprofit organizations, senior centers, and churches.

Give the gift of food this holiday season
Buying gifts for seniors can be a challenge. By the time you reach a certain age you don't need any more "stuff" in your life. There are also many seniors who live alone and who may not have the strength to do much in the way of food preparation. Food can be the perfect gift for a senior citizen.


Here are some suggestions for senior gifts:

Homemade Soup: To keep the sodium-content low, use low-sodium broth, or better yet, make your own. Up the protein and nutrient content by including beans or meat in the soup and a variety of vegetables. If your friend is underweight, consider a cream soup to increase the calorie content.


Nut Butters: These are a great source of protein and healthy fats. Include a few different kinds such as Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, or Sunflower Butter.


World Eye Bookshop in Greenfield is a wonderful supporter of FCHCC. To show that they care this December, they're offering a special promotion: If you bring this coupon between Sunday, December 14, and Saturday, December 20, 2014, 15% of your purchase total (pre-tax) will be donated to FCHCC!

Have fun picking out a book for your loved one and one or two for you, and feel good shopping locally AND giving back to your local community organization!

Coupons come three to a sheet, so keep one for yourself and give away the rest to some friends.


Valley Gives Day is next week!

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While there are many reasons elders go without adequate amounts of food, hunger is not always visible. Many factors can contribute to hunger, including loneliness, isolation, depression, medication interactions, sensory changes, dementia, financial hardships, medication issues, and concern about what others think.

No matter the reason, if you or your loved ones need information or support, we're here to provide unbiased assistance. The Information & Caregiver Resource Center offers timely, relevant answers to your questions. Call 413-773-5555 or 978-544-2259 during normal business hours or email info@fchcc.org anytime.

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