Benefits of Greening Your Property
From The Association of Green Property Owners and Managers
Most building owners and managers already know of the operational cost savings and numerous other benefits that green properties provide. There is an undeniable return on investment as sustainability positions buildings for the inevitable transition into a new era of efficiency. However, there is another benefit of "greening" your property that not many are talking about and that is risk mitigation.
Risk Control 
Many risk-management benefits have been associated with green buildings ranging from improved indoor air quality to enhanced disaster resilience. Building owners and managers that enforce green standards benefit from higher employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved product safety and lower operational costs. All of which contribute to the overall management of company-wide risk. Risk includes not only bodily injury and property damage, but business profitability risks, environmental risks and geo-political risks. Read more.

An additional benefit is lower insurance premiums. Our AGPOM Members have access to specialty insurance products made available through a partnership with Fulcrum Insurance Programs Inc. In addition to various "Green" coverage endorsements, the premium rates have credits available depending upon individual member commitment to sustainability practices. The greater the commitment to AGPOM's Green Property Plan or other green property practices, the lower the insurance cost. Learn more
Additional business benefits include:

Enhanced Brand Image

Asset Appreciation

Higher Occupancy Rates   

Tax credits 


Tomorrow: Spotlight on AGPOM's Green Property Plans
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