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May, 7 2013

Hey, it's almost summer here in the Pacific US Northwest! In fact it is finally reaching 80F today and the rain has let up -time to get out there and hide some geocaches!

In today's newsletter we have some great tips for hiding new caches (see below). We've also included some of our best selling cache containers if you need to stock up. You never know when you just might find that perfect place for a new cache...

As many of you know, we did not personally make it to Geowoodstock XI this year. We hear that many of you did and had a great time, and even asked about us. Sorry we missed you this year!! Our products were still there, handily carried by some of our resellers, Cache Addict and Space Coast Geocaching Store.

Overheard at Cache Addict's GWS booth about our products "That is so evil...can I get two of them!" Space Coast Geocaching Store saw a lot of traffic at GWS and at their actual store in Florida. You can always buy our products there too!

We appreciate the trust you have in us and we are honored that you choose Cache Advance for many of your geocaching needs. Have a great week out there!

Cache Hides
Tips for Hiding Geocaches
Geocache One of the fun things about geocaching is hiding your own cache. Finding a great place to bring other cachers and then reading about their experiences finding your cache is a lot of fun.

At Cache Advance we sell many cache containers and our staff has personally hidden 100's of caches over the years. So we thought we would share some of our tips for hiding great caches that will keep other cachers happy and help to prevent them from being muggled, stolen, or worse (can you say kaboom!).

Some things to consider while hiding new caches:
  • Is the container going to last for years and is it water-tight?
  • Was a logbook of some sort included in the cache?
  • Does the camouflage blend in with the surrounding area?
  • Is there a stash note (note explaining the cache) in the cache in case it is found by muggles (non-cachers)?
  • Is the outside of the cache clearly marked? This will help first-responders to identity your cache. 
  • Will the surrounding area being damaged at all by cache seekers? If yes, you should give a very good hint or even consider a new hiding spot. 
  • Did you get permission to hide the cache?   
  • Why do you want to bring cachers here? If there is no redeeming point to bringing cachers to the location then perhaps you might want to reconsider the location.   

We hope that these tips help you in hiding some great new caches. Take a look below at some of our featured containers for stocking up. Maybe one of our Away Team Members just might find your cache!   


Mini Decon Caches
Just $6.95 each
or 3-Pack for $19.95
Mini Decon Caches!
Introducing our all new Mini Decon Caches. These
made in the USA Mini Decon Caches come complete with a Rite in the Rain log book and pencil.

Did you know that the name 'Decon' comes from the old style of US military Decontamination Kits? These kits were used to hold a military issue decontamination kit and then sold as surplus, making for a nifty-sized geocache container. They are no longer in use and therefore hard to find.

The all NEW Mini Decon is a smoky grey see-through container, and the attached 'Official Geocache' sticker is viewable from front and one side.  This is modeled after the old style decon containers, but is so much better!
  • See-through
  • Smaller
  • Easy to open
  • Includes Sticker you can ID
  • Waterproof
These are sold individually or in 3-Packs
utility plate cache
Utility Plate Cache $5.95
Utility Plate Caches too
Need a crafty urban hide? Have a metal surface with nowhere to hide a boxy container? Our Utility Plate Caches should fit the bill!

This magnetic utility faceplate cover is a GREAT cache to hide! On the back there is enough room for the included log inside a zip lock bag, and two very strong magnets. The log bag has a small magnet inside to help keep it attached to the plate.
  • Magnetic
  • Rite in the Rain logbook 
  • Heavy Duty logbook baggie with magnet
  • Sits flush on any flat metal surface
  • Can be repainted to blend in
  • Log includes stash note 
Geocachers and muggles will walk right by it
Thank you again for all of your support. We look forward to seeing many of you at events and out on the trail!


Lookout Lisa
President and CEO
Cache Advance Inc.

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