High Ed. vs. Skilled Trade - Does It Matter?
July 24, 2019
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Skilled for Life

With five of eight graduated from our homeschool, we have seen those post-homeschool paths take different directions. My first two sons went the university route and both benefitted in their careers because of it (their career choices required college degrees). The next child went to a trade school for equine massage then learned valuable skills as a company’s purchasing manager (and is now a full-time pro-life missionary). The next took several college courses, but then went into store management (and is considering going back to school now). The last graduate is learning on-the-job skills in a trade environment (computer layout and design for granite) and is doing very well without college at this point. 

As homeschool families, inherent in the way we teach our children, we are actually preparing them for a future of success whether in skills and trades or in a university setting. I would definitely have to say that one option is not better than the other. And personally, I would rather see my adult child love Jesus with all his heart in any kind of job, than watch that child become a very successful or intelligent hedonist. 

Your children are really not yours after all. God, their Maker, designed each one to be good at certain things and we must trust Him to bring those forth. Our job is to seek His direction for their schooling. He gives wisdom to those who ask. 

And, because your children are home-educated, they are the most sought after future students, employees, managers, tradesman, teachers, businessmen, leaders, citizens, politicians, and entrepreneurs. They are the best socialized and civically minded adults. You can see the stats at Homeschooling Grows Up.

Why is this? I believe this is the reward of doing things God’s way: seeking His Kingdom first in their education. And when we do, all these things are added to us. The book of Matthew says if we seek His Kingdom first, all else for this life will be added to us—things that make us intelligent enough to be productive . . . with plenty of food to eat and clothes to wear. We need not worry if we truly are seeking God’s Kingdom first in our children’s education.

Isn’t this home education journey exciting? It truly is an adventure and one of faith. Every day we must put our full trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ and lean hard on Him and not on our own understanding. If we acknowledge Him in all our homeschool ways, He will direct and make our path straight. 
Trusting with you,


Homeschooling Through College by Matthew and David Bass
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God's Plan for Success

Hey Mom (or Dad), if you want to see me riled real fast then make the distinction between HIGH Education and skilled trade. I don't like that the world has elevated one over the other. There is NO difference. In fact, I think I'd rather my children know how to do something useful that contributes to the world and their family than to KNOW more stuff.

Actually, the question should be, what does God want for my children? Some of us parents bristle at that question, knowing what God might have for our children doesn't look like a normal college route, and that bothers us.

I know when my firstborn was a baby, a family member commented on his long fingers and said, “Oh, maybe he'll be a surgeon.” I quickly responded, “Or a mechanic” to which they countered, “Oh, don't say that.”

“Why not?” I said, “There is no difference.”

But there is a difference, not in the eyes of God or in what matters, but the world doesn't see it that way. They've elevated some post high school paths and looked down upon others. AND THAT'S WRONG!

Here's what I want, Mom . . . I just want all our children to succeed. They may not succeed in the world's eyes . . . but it doesn't matter as long as they succeed in YOUR eyes.

In fact, that's why I wrote the book for parents What's NEXT? It's a reminder that God has a plan for EACH of your children but it's not the SAME plan.

Be real,

Staying Relational    
Following the Crowd vs. Following Him

When it comes to the “life work” (careers, jobs, unpaid work) your homeschooled children will do as adults, what are your greatest concerns?

  • Being in a safe, friendly environment?
  • Job security?
  • Earning potential? (of particular concern if they are planning to be a one-income, homeschooling family)
  • Job satisfaction?
  • Being able to remain in your community while also making a living?
  • Serving others?

It’s worth jotting down your concerns and your goals for them, and, if they are teenagers, inviting them to write down their own concerns and goals. Sharing and praying together about these areas will be really important as they move toward graduation.

All of that is relatively obvious, though, and most of you have many more thoughts than I’ve noted here. But this is where I would like to diverge from the main concern about whether to go to college or to a trade school because the issues for Christians are deeper (Proverbs 3:5-6) and the pathway not as clear as we hope it will be.

As followers of Jesus, though the questions of “how to prepare” become simpler, the answers are often more complex. Here’s what my own questions looked like:

Q. “Lord, I give You my life. What do You want me to do?”

His answer was not posted on a billboard or written on a wall. Over time, in quiet ways, I began to sense His leading to a university.

Q. “Lord, there’s an opportunity to serve in missions this summer. Do You want me to go?”

His answer came with increasing peace, and money began to come in to pay my way.

Q. “Lord, I sense You calling me to serve as a missionary in France. Can I accept the invitation to go with this drama team?”

On that one, He gave me a clear “NO!” There was the sense, though, that I should return to college, change my major to French, and continue to pray for France.

Q.  “Lord, I’m graduating as a French major. Should I go to France now?”

I applied to different mission agencies, and they all gave me the same answer: You must have Bible school before joining our mission organization.

Q. “Lord!! This doesn’t make any sense!! You led me back to college; I did what You showed me to do, and now it’s not enough!! What do I do?”

That’s about the time that my best friend from college, Bill Waring, and I fell in love. He was a public school teacher, I was a frustrated-because-I’m-not-qualified-to-serve-as-a-missionary wife who really enjoyed the experience of creating a home.

You know what I didn’t know at that time? Following the Lord through all of those twists and turns and disappointments (the story has been condensed!) was EXACTLY the preparation I needed for the life He had planned for me, including ministering to homeschooling families all over the world (including missionaries!).

I would never have imagined what only He could see.

He will lead your children, too, dear ones.

Remember, stay relational.

College vs. Skilled Trade

College is expensive and not for everyone. One must decide three things before applying for college:

  1. What is the chosen profession based upon the applicant’s desires and skills?
  2. Is a college degree necessary to have a career in that field, or is technical training all that is needed? 
  3. Can the applicant afford college?

Many people pay for a four-year college degree and then decide that their chosen major was not what they wanted to do. Some children seem to know from an early age what they want to be when they grow up. Others change their minds continuously. If your child has a certain passion, then you can plan for their further education. If your child is undecided, you might help them to investigate careers that would use their specific talents and abilities. Keep in mind that very few musicians or athletes make it to the big stage. Sometimes those talents are better used as hobbies or on a local level.

If after investigating various career options, your child is still undecided, waiting a year, starting college and getting the basic classes finished, or doing missions or other service projects for a year is recommended. If a daughter wants to be a wife and a mom, informal training in meal preparation, shopping, cooking, child development, etc. should be taught. 

Once a career is chosen, a course of action must follow.
Doctors, lawyers, pilots, engineers, etc. are expected to have various degrees. Those degrees are keys that unlock the doors for interviews and opportunities within their chosen fields. Other careers such as being a plumber, HVAC technician, running a daycare, dog grooming, etc. can be obtained through an associate's degree, certification, or through an internship. Check with local or state junior colleges and technical colleges to see what degrees are available.

The last question is the cost. Higher education is expensive. If a child wants to go to a four-year university, scholarships are essential. Public service during high school, academic achievements, ethnicity, desired degree, and location can all play into various scholarships. Do your research; money is out there. If your children still need to take out a loan, they should consider the yearly income of the beginning salary of the profession and take out only 20%-30% for the course of study. They can work to earn the rest as they go, even taking off a semester or two while they work two jobs.

Dara Halydier is an author, speaker, and mom of five grown boys! She homeschooled for twenty-one wonderful years and is now encouraging other homeschooling families. She is the executive director of Abiding Truth Ministry and the author of the Practical Proverbs series and other books. Dara has learned life’s lessons the hard way—experience! The lessons she shares come from truths that she has learned from dealing with chronic pain, having moved thirty-three times, having four boys with learning disabilities, and having overcome a past of abuse to proclaim God’s grace, forgiveness, and freedom. Find out more at  www.abidingtruthministry.com .
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