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December 13, 2017

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Moscow Clayworks tent and barn at the beginning of the summer.
RadJoy t-shirt on tent after the woods were cut down.
After photo of flags
The tent--still sporting the RadJoy tee--and barn with their mobile flag screen. All photos by Frank Goryl
Frank Goryl, a ceramic artist and proprietor of Moscow Clayworks (MCW) in Moscow, Pennsylvania, writes in this week's Radical Joy Revealed about a recent challenge to the land behind this community studio and how the artists and students met it. 

I have received several emails and calls about the flag project on the west end of our property, and since it's been a while since I've done an MCW update, thought it would be nice to do both. Since we opened MCW nearly a decade ago, we have been involved with the Global Earth Exchange, a Radical Joy for Hard Times project.
This past summer, a local developer began construction of a senior housing project, and they clear-cut the woodlot that borders our property. This prompted us to think about an environmental artwork to fill the visual void created by the construction.
Contrary to their past very creative offerings for the Global Earth Exchange, everyone at the studio was too dispirited about the damage to the woods to do much for this year's event. They did hang our 2017 Global Earth Exchange t-shirt from the door of the small tent at the back of the property . That lone t-shirt, flapping and fluttering in the breeze, inspired a bold, new idea.
We have decided on a flag project to enhance the view from our back door and have been happy with the visual results. Additionally, when the winds are strong the flapping and fluttering of the flags are enjoyable to hear. The 20 flags from countries outside the U.S. above the pole barn are those that [my wife and two sons] Susan, Evan, Aaron and I have visited together. They have been arranged alphabetically.

We can't necessarily make the damage to beloved places disappear, but there is almost always something we can do to live with those places, even as we take delight in our playfulness and creativity!

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