High Holidays at Nassau Synagogue are free, joyful, and participatory. Our style is traditional-egalitarian. Congregants play active roles in the services, as they wish -- readings, discussion, singing, and more.

High Holiday 5780 Edition - President's Message

Dea r Friends,

Arriving at Elul is jarring, as if we just finished washing up from last year's Break Fast. Yet, reflecting on last Elul, I feel as if decades have passed. Time might be an illusion to Einstein, but when preparing for the chaggim, it's best to presume it's a non-negotiable reality.

Volunteers are readying themselves and the synagogue to welcome 5780 with joyful traditional-egalitarian services, RH kiddush, and our magnificent Yom Kippur Break Fast. Please post the High Holiday schedule and refer to it through Tishrei. We welcome all Am Yisrael and loved ones: no fee, no ticket, and no mandated renewal (though donations and timely membership renewals are always appreciated). We're blessed with service leadership by our beloved Derek Fields and Rebecca Glass, who elevate our spirits each year.

The board thanks Barry Strock for years of service and welcomes Bill Panitch (son of longtime member, Dr. Max Panitch, z"l). Read on for personal notes, news about improvements to the building and its furnishings - including decluttering, safety and security precautions, and addition of a custom-built kitchen island - the board retreat, to focus ongoing efforts, and this summer's Adult Education/ Outreach event that packed the house, "Adirondack Jews."

I have come to realize that "we" is plural for good reason. Tradition has each Jew tapping their heart to emphasize the personal nature of atonement. Yet the words we say are plural, each person confessing the missteps of all. Likewise, personal responsibility is the key to positive collective action. "We" can accomplish more than "I" or "You" can: grow our community and keep it safe; ease suffering and celebrate milestones; renew traditions and transmit history; enhance Yiddishkeit and engage the next generation in mentschlichkeit. I invite and challenge each of us to personally, positively participate in our tiny, robust shul and community.

To start, ensure that you'll see each weekly announcement, to learn about upcoming services, course/club dates, and volunteer opportunities on events and committees, by adding nassausynagogue@gmail.com  to "contacts." And, when asked to help, please say yes! I wish you, your loved ones, and all of Israel, a good and sweet new year. Shana tova u'metuka!

Pam Tatar  


High Holiday 5780 Services
  ***All are welcome***
No membership or tickets required 
Please park in one of these lots:
 1. O ld Stewart's parking lot, across the road
 2.  Empty gas station on corner of Rtes 20/203
 3.  Hardware store lot, next to gas station
Please save the Synagogue driveway for those with disabilities. Thanks!

High Holiday 5780 Schedule
Rosh Hashana
Sun., 9/29/2019
6:05 PM
Candle Lighting and Maariv
6:21 PM
Mon., 9/30/2019
9:00 AM
Tashlich follows services
Tue., 10/1/2019
9:00 AM
Yom Kippur
Tues., 10/8/2019
5:15 PM
Kol Nidre
5:30 PM
Candle Lighting and Maariv
6:06 PM
Wed., 10/9/2019
9:00 AM
Torah Reading
10:30 AM
11:30 AM
12:30 PM
4:25 PM
5:50 PM
Break Fast
7:06 PM


Erev Sukkot Sunday, October 13. Members/loved ones are welcome to slip around back, say the blessings, and share a meal all of Sukkot. (Dairy/pareve kosher foods; kitchen use only by pre-arrangement; keep the sukkah neat and clean.)

Shabbat Sukkot, Saturday, October 19 :Services and kiddush in the Sukkah, weather permitting.

Erev Simchat Torah, Monday, October. 21: Joyous Torah service, hakafot, song, dance, food and fun.

Adirondack Jews: Community and Contribution
Diane O'Connor, Managing Dir., Ticonderoga Historical Society
On Monday, August 19, the shul hosted a major summer event organized by Adult Ed Coordinator Danny Nerenberg and Outreach Chair Faith Schottenfeld. Diane O'Connor, managing director of the Ticonderoga Historical Society, presented on Jewish migration into the Adirondacks, highlighting Jews among those who settled or were frequent visitors there and made a significant impact. 
Diane began with research on the first known Jewish settlers/visitors to the Adirondacks, dating back to the mid-17th century, including Jewish players in the French and Indian War of the mid-to-late 18th century. In the 19th century, the region had moderate growth of Jewish settlement, with some Jews becoming travelling peddlers through Adirondack towns and villages. Some of these peddlers later started brick and mortar general stores, like Ginsberg's Store in Tupper Lake. The locally philanthropic Ginsbergs were instrumental in building the Tupper Lake Synagogue, now on the National Register of Historic Buildings. As the 20th century arrived, so did synagogues in Lake Placid and Tupper Lake, as well as Jewish summer camps, private resorts and golf clubs. Our speaker shared several humorous stories and poignant anecdotes related to all these developments in Adirondacks Jewish life.  

The civic-minded Marshall family was among the most active proponents of protecting the region's uniqueness and beauty. "The Adirondacks is rich with accomplishments and contributions by individuals of Jewish heritage," said Diane. "Louis Marshall, an attorney and conservationist, helped draft the 'Forever Wild' clause for the protection of the Adirondacks. His son Bob was a founder of the Adirondack 46ers and the Wilderness Society."

A number of the region's individuals and exclusive Adirondack clubs and camps, like the Lake Placid Club, had anti-Semitic and racist policies with membership restrictions. Diane discussed the anti-Semitic and racist notions of Melvil Dewey, developer of the Dewey Decimal System for library collections and director of the New York State Library. He was a founder of the Lake Placid Club, and an extremist who was later associated with several scandals of bigotry and sexual harassment.

Diane shared that she is neither Jewish nor a scholar of Jewish history. She developed this presentation in the wake of the Tree of Life massacre in her native Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Profoundly affected by the tragedy, Diane decided that creating and sharing this presentation would her personal contribution toward healing in the aftermath of that deadly slaughter.

After applauding the presentation, most attendees stayed to enjoy a delicious nosh prepared by Faith. Besides kibbitzing among friends and acquaintances, many approached Diane, asking questions and comparing notes about Jewish Adirondackers. The program was free and open to the general public. Over 50 people attended, many of whom had never been to the shul before. The sanctuary was filled to near-capacity. Attendees generously donated, with contributions split between the shul and the Ticonderoga Historical Society.

As a token of our appreciation for Diane's instructive presentation and her delightful, generous inter-actions with our community, we presented her with a copy of our 100th anniversary Nassau Synagogue history booklet.

Membership / Donation Form

The Nassau Synagogue tradition is that one need not be a member to attend Shabbat services or to participate in our events and programs.  We do not sell seats for the High Holidays, nor do we auction aliyot. How have we been able to do this over the years and still keep membership dues so very low?  It is through your continued support that is essential to keeping us strong.  The Nassau Synagogue relies almost exclusively on the contributions of its supporters and on our membership dues.  So please, help us with a donation, and/or consider becoming a member. 
PHONE NO._______________________E-MAIL______________________________
Please note that at least one adult member of a membership unit must be Jewish by matrilineal descent.
Family Membership         $300
Individual Membership   $200
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_____   If you are joining or renewing your synagogue membership, please check here if you would like your personal information included in the Membership directory. By checking here you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as follows: that the main purpose of the directory is to make personal contact with other members to encourage social interactions, acknowledgement of celebrations and other meaningful events, and to encourage the promotion of shul related activities among those on the list.  The list may not be shared with anyone who is not on the list, given to any organization without the prior consent of the Board, or used to promote political ideas or platforms. 
To the General Fund:  $_______________                            
To the Kiddush Fund:   $ ______________  
Or contact Barbara Neiman, 477-9580 or barnei516@gmail.com , if you would like to sponsor a full Shabbat Kiddush
In Honor of_____________________________________________________________
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PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE NASSAU SYNAGOGUE and mail with a printout of this form to:  PO Box 670, Nassau, New York   12123. 

Beautifying ...
Custom-Built Kitchen Island

Board Member & Building Committee Chair Michael Roland made for the shul this gorgeous, practical kitchen island and matching Challah Board with the Hebrew blessing, hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz burnt in. We are profoundly touched & grateful.

Decluttering ...
Attic Clean-Up Day

Volunteers emptied the second story on June 2nd, sorting treasures from trash. Books will go to the Yiddish Book Center and local libraries. Some will be ritually buried. Books and objects will be incorporated into our collections. Hand-written records of our legacy will be cataloged and digitized (in case you're looking for a project...). Great job, all!!!

Planning ...
Board Retreat 2019

The board met in August for an 8-hour retreat facilitated by Sandor Schuman, professional facilitator and past president of Beit Shraga Hebrew Academy. Teams made plans to more deeply serve members and the broader community, celebrate the State of Israel, and steward the legacy of our historic shul. Be part of the plans unfolding in 5780!

Mitzvah Knitters

Mitzvah Knitters met in May at Laurie & Fred Kimmelstiel's East Nassau home.  Blue yarn was knitted into nearly 30 hats as part of the national Hat not Hate campaign to prevent bullying in schools. We shipped them Lion Brand Yarns, sponsors of the campaign, http://hatnothate.org

Our donation was featured on Lion Brand's company video promoting the campaign. Kol ha- kavod (bravo!) to the Nassau Shul Mitzvah Knitters for our contribution to this worthy cause.

The next meeting of the Mitzvah Knitters will take place on Sunday, September 14. All knitters and wannabe knitters (and crocheters) are welcome. We are happy to teach anyone interested. Meetings also include lively discussion, often featuring historically noteworthy Jewish women.
Contact ljkimmelstiel@gmail.com , Laurie Kimmelstiel, for details about upcoming meetings.

  • To Zackary Civerolo and his family on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah.
  • Pam and Mark Tatar on their son Andrew's graduation from SUNY Purchase, and on their son  Adam's graduation from Hudson Valley Community College.
  • Kate Lozier, on the birth of her grandson Paul William son of Aaron and Elizabeth Lozier.
  • David Finley, son of Lynn Finley and Michael Roland, graduated from the University of Hartford in January with a certificate in paralegal studies and is now working for a criminal defense attorney in Springfield, MA. David and Heather DeGray married on May 25, 2019 at the Botanic Gardens at Smith College in Northampton and are expecting their first child in October. 
  • Marilyn Froim, mother of Sherri Kramerson turned 95 on July 26, 2019 
  • Elayne Schottenfeld, mother of Faith Schottenfeld and Ellen Schottenfeld celebrated her 90th birthday on May 31, 2019.
  •  Faith Schottenfeld retired from the New York State Health Department on July 24, 2019
  • Laurie and Fred Kimmelstiel, on the July 26 birth of a granddaughter Golda Rae, (Devora Raitza), to Rebecca and Adam Kevelson.
  • Bill and Joyce Panitch, on the May 27 birth of their grandson, Henry Levi Packhem, to Rachel Panitch and Richard Packhem.
We love to share good news here. 

Please send your good news to Barbara with the word "newsletter" in the subject: barnei516@gmail.com.


                                                              ... FOR YOUR DONATION


  • Phillip Axler in memory of Beatrice and Samuel Axler
  • Sid Markowitz, Kiddush Fund, in memory of Isadore and Fanny Paley
  • Michael Roland and Lynn Finley in honor of David Finley's engagement to Heather DeGray
  • The Sarachan Family in memory of sister Ann Beth Deily
  • Stacey Rattner and Kevin Civerolo
  • Rhonda Rosenheck, Kiddush Fund
  • Laura Schoenholt
  • Bruce & Cathy Huttner
  • Tiara Jaron
  • Irving & Myrna Paris in memory of Clement Paris
  • Elaine Rosen in memory of Ray Rosen
  • Rita Marokko
  • Chuck and Nancy Noland
  • Ann Blaustein in memory of beloved parents Morris & Ida Schwartz, brothers David, Franky & Philip, niece Linda Ellen Merill, nephew David Mayer Schwartz and Morris & Tova Schneider
The Nassau Synagogue thrives thanks to the support of its members and donors. We are deeply grateful for every gift, regardless of amount. What a fulfilling way to celebrate a simcha, honor a loved one or commemorate a beloved who has passed. 

Please see the Membership/Donation form, above, to make a donation and dedicate it.


Derek Fields, and family, on the passing of David's mother on July 30, 2019.


Larry Fader on the passing of his stepfather, Seymour Blum, on August 9, 2019 

at the age  of 101.


May HaMakom comfort you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

YAHRZEITS,  Aug. 31 - Dec. 28, 2019   5779-5780

Convert loved ones' yahrzeit dates to the Gregorian calendar at www.hebcal.com . Sponsor a kiddush in their memory by emailing Barbara at barnei516@gmail.com.
Isadore Bogoslofsky 3
Herman Pollack  11
Beatrice Goldman 13
Max Panitch 14
Isidore Levine  15
Evelyn Levy  15
Linda Ann Septer  15
Isaac Rheingold  20
Ida Dvorin Schwartz  25
Haime Cohen  27
Harry Brownstein 29
Otto Jesse  4
Paul Gross 7
Nathan Koppel  9
Jeffrey Robert Goldman 10
Jacob Lyon Honig  10
Abraham Pollack 13
Samuel Singer 15
Violet Berger  16
Sonya June Sarachan 19
Shirley Schwartz  17
Morris Gross 22
Pearl E. Roistacher 23
Samuel Brownstein  25
Mildred Gold Pollack 27
Benny Gross  28
Frieda Azen Roth  28
Philip Brothers 29
Mark Allan Rothenberg  1
Ezra Jack Sarachan  3
Robert Baum  7
Catherine Bogart Weisman 8
Tillie Honig   9
Bella Ashkenas  10
Kate Elenzweig  10
Mollie Goldman  10
Taube Rothenberg  10
Bella Cohen  12
Israel Feldman  12
Ida Levine 14
Selma Elenzweig Gold 15
Ida Gross  15
Henry Honig  15
Oscar Hochberg  18
Goldie Roth  19
Dale Agata  22
Lillian Rose Kolodny  23
Eugene Marokko  23
Morris Schwartz  26
Frank Swersey 27
Nathaniel Elihu Leserowitz  2
Max Spiegel  3
Rose B. Panitch  5
Shirley Schecter  5
Anna Ashkenas  7
Franky Schwartz  7?
Kenneth Strock  11
Rebecca Schmuckler Imber  13
Tillie Katzen 14
Anna Paris  15
Nathan Elenzweig  23
Marvin Leopold  24
Moses Ashkenas  27

Q Have you seen our new siddurim yet?

Siddur Lev Shalem (prayerbook of a peaceful/whole heart) includes fresh English translations, Traditional and contemporary Hebrew options, transliterations for joining in song, interesting commentaries and readings, and a highly readable format.

Q Have you dedicated any in your loved ones' honor & memory yet?

Contact Barbara at barnei516@gmail.com for pricing and to provide your book-plate details.
Safety & Security Committee Update
The board's safety and security committee has made improvements based on counsel from a State Police hate-crimes specialist, the Nassau police department, and Jewish security networks. Our goal is to undergird our valued warm, welcoming and open environment with practical safety measures. More options are on the board's agenda to discuss.
  1. A safety card will be distributed in pews with emergency instructions for congregants.
  2. Panic buttons have been installed (kitchen and bima) to bring the police without calling 911.
  3. Local and state police cars are regularly near the shul on Shabbat and holidays/events.
  4. A dedicated security presence will be focused on keeping us safe during the High Holidays.
  5. Front and back doors, now with knockers and peepholes, will be unlocked as each person is welcomed in.
  6. The committee gets national alerts and reports of any regional acts of anti-Semitism.
  7. A variety of other minor facility improvements have increased congregant health and safety in shul.

Board Members
Pam Tatar, President                            518-441-5062 pamelatatar@gmail.com
Michael Roland, VP                     518-766-4325 mr7202@gmail.com
Barbara Neiman, Treasurer                  518-477-9580 barnei516@gmail.com
Laurie Kimmelstiel                       914-260-8860
Bill Panitch                                         518-783-2678   wpanitch@gmail.com
Nancy Lord, Secretary                  518-495-9546 nahhl@aol.com
Rhonda Rosenheck                              917-656-4835
Faith Schottenfeld                         518-732-2191
Norma Phillips                                      518-758-7549

We wish you and your loved ones a sweet and happy New Year!
Shana tova u'metukah!

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Mail to: PO Box 670, Nassau, NY 12123-0670 | (518) 766-9831 
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