We celebrate Hazzan Cindy Freedman's 20th year leading High Holiday services with HaMakom! We look forward to worshipping together with inspirational music and community singing at Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.

This year we also welcome guest Rabbi Dov Gartenberg. Rabbi Dov is the Founder and Convener of Shabbat with Friends New Mexico. He was Founder of Panim Hadashot-New Faces of Judaism in Seattle, Washington, which started in 2004. Shabbat with Friends NM, founded in 2022, expands significantly on the innovations of Panim Hadashot. Rabbi Dov has also served for nearly two decades as the spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle. Rabbi Dov is the father of three children, Zachary, Moriel, and Fay. He lives with his partner, Melissa Drolet, in Albuquerque. He is a passionate baseball fan and loves to sing around the Shabbat table.

Please Join Us For Wonderful

High Holiday Services

High Holiday services for 5784/2023 will be led by guest Rabbi Dov Gartenberg and Hazzan Cindy Freedman at Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Second Day Rosh HaShanah will be outdoors in the UU Courtyard. Services will also be livestreamed on Zoom. Registration required to receive the Zoom link.

Membership Renewal or Become a New Member

Pre-registration by both members and non-members, for onsite or Zoom, is required for all services.

We look forward to welcoming members and non-members who have contacted us and made arrangements in advance.

No "drop-ins" due to security.

High Holiday Services Information

Additional questions? 

505-992-2905   info@hamakomtheplace.org

HaMakom High Holidays 5784 Schedule

Location: Unitarian Universalist Congregation

107 W. Barcelona@Galisteo

*note early start times of evening services

Erev Rosh HaShanah, Friday, 15 September, *6:30 pm 

Rosh HaShanah Day One, Saturday, 16 September, 9:30 am 

We will not blow Shofar on first day because of Shabbat which is traditional practice. The Shofar will be blown on the second day of Rosh HaShanah.

4:30-6pm Rabbi Dov will lead a Shiur on Genesis 22-Akedat Yitzhak. We’ll study together this most famous chapter with commentaries and discussion. Location: Library at UU. No Zoom livestream.

Rosh HaShanah Day Two, Sunday, 17 September. 9:30 am Outdoors in the Courtyard at UU, No Zoom Livestream

We will be following the custom of blowing 100 blasts of the Shofar when we blow Shofar on the 2nd day. Dress for outdoors.

Musical Tashlich, Second Day, Sunday, 17 September,

5:30 - 7:45 pm  Symbolic casting off of our sins.

Location: Louis Montaño Park, 705 Alto Street

Adjacent to Santa Fe River

Presented by Shabbat With Friends NM in partnership with HaMakom. 5:30-6pm Tashlich; 6-6:45 festival potluck feast; Soulful Farbrangen with Music and Singing of Melodies of the Days of Awe. 6:45-7:35; 7:35-7:45 Havdalah. Dress for outdoors.

Please pre-register to pick a dish to bring and invite family and friends

We'll gather over a bridge spanning the Santa Fe River at Louis Montaño Park. After Tashlich, we'll sit down together for a dazzling meal which includes symbolic foods unique to the new year. We'll culminate this special gathering with a Havdalah unique to Rosh Hashanah as we bid farewell to the festival to enter the 10 days of Teshuvah-repentance, the spiritual prelude to Yom Kippur. We recommend that you bring camping/yard chairs, flashlights, and appropriate clothing. Please note that this park does not have bathrooms. There are bathrooms at the Solana Center nearby on Alameda.

Kol Nidrei Service, Sunday, 24 September, *6:30 pm 

Yom Kippur Morning, Monday, 25 September 9:30 am 

Study Chapter 4 of the Book of Jonah with Rabbi Dov,

3 pm - 4:15 pm   As a prelude to the ritual reading of Jonah, a deep dive into the fascinating and perplexing end of the Book of Jonah

Yom Kippur Afternoon, Monday, 25 September, 4:30 pm

Mincha, Yizkor, Neilah, Havdalah ending 7:30 pm 

Covid Awareness

As many of you may have heard, Covid rates are rising again around the nation, including here in Santa Fe.




for all services. Masks will be available at every service. Please enjoy services from the comfort of your own home and screen if feeling even slightly ill.

Send names of loved ones to be read from the Bimah during Yizkor service on Yom Kippur. info@hamakomtheplace.org

Send donations in memory of loved ones https://www.hamakomtheplace.org/in-memory

or send check to HaMakom, PO Box 6777, Santa Fe, NM 87502

fighting hunger together

As we fast on Yom Kippur, we remember those in our community who go hungry on a regular basis. In New Mexico, those numbers are staggering, with one of every five children at risk of hunger. The numbers for adults are just as appalling, with one in eight adults struggling to buy food, perhaps an older person on a fixed income who prioritizes medicine over groceries or a college student who skips meals to pay for textbooks or lab fees. 

This year we are continuing HaMakom’s tradition of a food drive during the High Holy Days, suggesting these two options for helping out hungry neighbors.


Fill a grocery bag and bring it back here when you come to services for Kol Nidre or Yom Kippur. This year the donations will go to La Alacena Food Pantry in El Dorado. It’s a small pantry that serves the Route 285 corridor and our donations will make a big difference. 

Most-needed items: Protein, protein, protein!

That means canned meats like tuna, salmon, chicken, sausages, Spam; peanut butter; canned and dried beans; shelf-stable milk. 

Also welcome: packaged meals; canned fruits, vegetables; healthy soups;; cereals, oatmeal, granola; pastas including ramen and mac&cheese; boxed/canned fruit or vegetable juices. 

No expired or opened food, please. 


Donate directly to the food bank of your choice.

If you would like to support La Alacena, make a check out to:

Eldorado/285 Support

Add a note: “for La Alacena”

Mailing address:

La Tienda

7 Caliente Rd

Unit A-6

Santa Fe, NM 87508.

Morning Blessings

In addition to our daily Morning Blessings, we'll recite Psalm 27 and enter into deep reflection each morning throughout the Holidays.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mornings at 9 AM MDT on Zoom


HaMakom Book Club Currently Reading

The Fixer by Bernard Malamud. The novel, which won the 1967 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, is based on the true story of a Jew who was falsely accused of murdering a Christian boy in Kiev in the early 20th century. The Fixer, a classic of Jewish literature, has recently been in the news because of a dispute over whether it belonged in the library of a South Carolina middle school.

Book discussion on Monday, October 9 at 4 PM.


Become a Legacy Donor

Assuring Jewish Tomorrows

in New Mexico

LIFE & LEGACY is an endowment program designed to help create permanent legacy gifts, demonstrating belief in the continuity of Jewish life in New Mexico for generations to come.

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