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IMPORTANT: Our Website is Down, Direct Links to High Holy Day Registration
The Romemu website is currently down due to significant errors on our website internet provider. They are working to rectify it as soon as possible. Of all the times... :(

  • If you are a member of Romemu, you should have already received an email with your personalized High Holy Day registration links.

If you want to register for the High Holy Days, here are the direct links to our membership forms:

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This Shabbat
This Shabbat we will be celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Please note that if
you are not a registered Romemu member you will not have access to our
High Holy Days services, which fall on Shabbat:
Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 19th.

See below on how to gain access to the High Holy Days.
High Holy Days 2020/5781
This year, we will gather together for the High Holy Days in heart, mind and spirit...if not in person!

Incase you are trying to join/renew your membership in time for the High Holy Days, here are the direct links to our membership forms:

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High Holy Days @ Home Kit - Still available!
We want you to have something “physical” to help create a "Romemu style" sacred space at home. All Romemu members will receive a beautiful High Holy Day kit in the (real!) mail if you join/renew your membership

Please note : Shipping times may vary. Your kit may arrive after the High Holy Days if you signed up for membership after 9/7.
Yizkor Book of Remembrance
Each year, in advance of Yom Kippur and the Yizkor service, Romemu gathers from the community the names of loved one who have passed away. Those names are honored in a Book of Remembrance, which is made available during High Holy Day services. Click here . If you would like to include a picture of your loved one in our Yizkor slideshow please email with your name and the name of your loved one in the subject line. The final date for submissions is September 16, 2020.
We Want to Hear from You!
Tell us what gives YOU oz (strength) now, and how are YOU building oz during this time? We’ll share some of your reflections on the High Holy Days. To offer yours, please make a maximum 10 second cell-phone video of yourself, your family, or your friends saying the following exact words, "OZI (pronounced Oh Zee). My strength comes from (then please pause for a second, and finish with your answer)." Please make sure you hold your phone horizontal. Then send your video to
Share Your Strength
  • What gives me strength (Oz), is...
  • We will not forget...
  • We place our power in...
  • One day, we will all...
Would you like to attend Romemu High Holy Day services for FREE?
Please join our Tech Tachles team for the High Holy Days in 2020!
While circumstances change from year to year, the value of welcoming the stranger into the Romemu Community remains the same. Please join our Tech Tachles team for the High Holy Days in 2020. Be part of the team that touches the lives of every person who enters through our virtual doors. Please contact 
High Holy Days @ the Jewish Emergent Network
Yom Kippur Afternoon Breakout Sessions | Al Chet – For the Sin of…
Monday, Sept 28@11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / Pre-recorded / Join here 
Enjoy pre-recorded talks and sessions by Romemu clergy alongside other Jewish Emergent Network leaders and teachers: This Yom Kippur afternoon, you’re home. We know this Yom Kippur feels different from all others, and that you will be doing the holy work of the day from your own home and at your own pace. Yom Kippur afternoon, come experience diverse, a la carte content curated and created by the seven Jewish Emergent Network communities. Engage with the powerful themes of the Al Chet and explore the idea of sins against each other, our earth, our bodies, and our communities. Or come to question if the idea of sin is even relevant. From racial justice sessions to movement, from text studies to music, and from high-profile guest speakers to breath work, make your Yom Kippur afternoon unique. Content will include streaming video, as well as audio-only sessions for those who don’t want to be in front of a screen. It’s free, does not require registration, and is open to all. We go live on Yom Kippur at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET, tune in any time you’d like after that. Tell your friends!
Elul Programs 2020/5780
The Soul's Illumination: Daily Teachings from Orot Ha'Teshuvah with Rabbi David Ingber
Starting 8/25 (Tuesday-Friday, Daily) at 2:15-3:00 PM/EDT
Members: Free | Non Members: $180 per month or $18 per class
Are you yearning to immerse yourself in the deep waters of teshuvah/repentance? Join Rabbi Ingber for intensive study of The Lights of Penitence, Orot Ha'Teshuvah, the three-volume work by the mystic Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook. Rabbi Ingber will take participants on a spiritual journey through the month of Elul, exploring the cosmic and metaphysical forces of penitence through the lens of Rav Kook.

Reconnecting to "All of Existence": What Does it Mean to Make Collective Teshuvah? with Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses 
Tuesday Nights at 7:00-8:30 PM/EDT | 9/15
Members: Free | Non Members: $54 for the series
As our world undergoes four profound shifts -- a global pandemic, a polarized nation, an economic crisis, and a far-reaching social justice movement -- it is crucial that we ask: What does collective teshuvah really mean? What does it have to do with understanding oneself as “we”? In these three sessions, we will take on the ambitious goal of transforming our self understanding-- moving our self-understanding from privileging “I”, to embodying the truth of “we”, a truth our ancestors understood and embodied. Classes will include group text study, study in small groups, discussion and writing exercises. There will be short readings in between sessions.

Spiritual Accounting (Heshbon Nefesh): A Deep Dive into Text with Prompts for Reflection and Creative Writing with Rabbi Mira Rivera
Thursday Nights at 7:00-8:30 PM/EDT | 9/17
Members: Free | Non Members: $72 for the series
Learn about the the 13 Middot (divine attributes) as outlined by the RaMaK, aka Rabbi Moshe ben Yaakov Cordovero (1522-1570) in his moral and ethical treatise Tomer Devorah (“The Date Palm of Devorah”). Through prompts for reflection and creative writing, we will craft our spiritual accounting in reference to these 13 divine attributes, or Middot.

The Way Back: Finding Ourselves Again on the High Holy Days with Rabbi Scott Perlo 
Wednesday Nights at 7:00-8:30 PM/EDT | 9/16, 9/23
Members: Free | Non Members: $54 for the series
Do you feel like you’ve gotten lost this year? Do you want to get found? The Jewish High Holy Days ask us those two questions over and over again. Rabbi of Romemu Brooklyn Scott Perlo breaks open the holiest words of the Holidays -- return, renew, repent, forgive -- to reveal how their power can open the door to forgotten parts of ourselves, if we know how to turn the key. Drawing from the teachings of the Hassidut and mysticism, we’ll dive into the most important parts of the High Holy Day prayerbook (the Machzor) and allow our study of these holy words to strengthen our hearts, open up our lives, and bring us back home. These four sessions are intended to be accessible and inclusive towards people of all backgrounds and experiences (or lack thereof) with Judaism. 

Romemu Yeshiva: Teshuvah of Love
Tuesday, 9/15 | 2:00-3:00 PM/EDT
Our Rosh Yeshiva Rav James Jacobson-Maisels teaches at London's Makor Hayim Minyan
How do we change unhelpful patterns in ourselves? We want to transform, but our normal approaches of self critique and blame somehow don’t seem to lead to change. Together we will explore a Hasidic teaching and a spiritual practice than can help us work lovingly with behaviors, emotions and thought patterns that we want to change and allow genuine transformation to occur. Co-sponsored by Romemu Yeshiva
Looking Ahead
Single Release Party | Openings by Shoshana Jedwab
10/4 @ 7 PM/EDT
Join us in the virtual Sukkah for music, dance and conscious feasting to celebrate the release of Openings, Shoshana Jedwab's new single! Register Here
Return to the Place: Sefer Yetzirah - Book Release Party with Rabbi Jill Hammer & Special Guests
10/18 @ 5 PM/EDT

September Programming
PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NEW REGISTRATION LINKS FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. MAKE SURE TO REGISTER ACCORDINGLY. You will only need to register once each month for Hasidic Masters and Morning Minyan to receive the Zoom links.

UPDATE ON VIRTUAL PROTOCOLS: In light of recent inappropriate activity on Zoom ("zoom bombings") and in an effort to ensure our spaces remain safe, we have updated the way we are distributing zoom links for our events. All Shabbat services will now require you to fill out a short registration form. Upon completion of the form you will automatically receive the zoom link for the event. ALL programs now require registration. Please note all previous links to services will no longer be active. For questions or zoom tech support please email

Morning Minyan with Rabbi Mira Rivera
Registration Required. You will only need to register once each month for Morning Minyan to receive the Zoom links.
Join Rabbi Mira a half hour prior to regularly scheduled Morning Minyan on the following dates for Selichot: 9/21 through 9/28 starting at 7am/EDT | 9/26 starting at 8am/EDT (same Zoom link)
Mon. - Fri. 7:30-8:30 EDT with Mourners Kaddish at 8:15 AM/EDT
Sunday 8:30-9:30 EDT with Mourners Kaddish 9:15 AM/EDT
Start the day in prayer with Rabbi Mira Rivera and community. Plug into the power of a morning practice to stay centered during uncertain times. 

Register HereZoom link provided upon registration, Also on Romemu’s Facebook Live

Hasidic Masters Series with Rabbi David Ingber
Registration Required. You will only need to register once each month for Hasidic Masters to receive the Zoom links.
Tues-Fri @ 1:00 PM/EDT
Join Rabbi Ingber as he teaches from the writings of the great Hasidic teachers. We will explore the writings of each master for a month at a time. This month we learn directly from the writings of one of the greatest and most prolific teachers, Rabbi Zadok Rabinowitz, known as the greatest student of the Ishbitzer Rebbe.

Register hereZoom link provided upon registration. Also on Romemu’s Facebook Live
Seekers Kick-Off
Join us for our Seekers Kick-Off on Tuesday, September 15 at 5:30-6:30pm, where we will welcome the new school year, meet this year's faculty, and connect with other students and parents. Whether you're already registered for Seekers, or thinking about signing up, please join us!
Seekers Holistic Hebrew School is Going Virtual! Fall Registration Now Open
Seekers Holistic Hebrew school is going virtual! That means you can be a Seeker from anywhere. Enroll into our program from wherever your learner is--be it Manhattan, Westchester, Brooklyn, or anywhere else!

If you have any questions about Seekers or require tuition assistance, please contact Rabbi Elster at
Interested in Booking a B Mitzvah with Romemu?
At Romemu, we offer a program of study and exploration that creates a meaningful journey for the student and family. We are now booking for 2021 & 2022. 

To learn more about our program or to choose your date,
contact B Mitzvah Coordinator Mika Yaakoba-Zohar at
Here For You in this Difficult & Uncertain Time
We recognize the physical, emotional, and spiritual strain that so many of us are experiencing. Here are some resources within Romemu:

Pastoral Help from Romemu Clergy & Members
Do you need help with groceries/meals/errands? Can you offer to help with that?
Please contact

Do you want to connect with a clergy member? Are you or a family member sick and want private support to be listed on our public refuah shleyma (healing) list at services? Are you or a family member sick and want private support/prayer from clergy?
Please contact Rabbi Mira Rivera,

Community Bulletin
During this difficult period it is the perfect time to rely on each other. We are compelled to rely more and more on each other for support, resources, and for help in all kinds of ways. In order to help facilitate the many requests we get to share information with the Romemu community we have launched a Community Bulletin.

Do you have something you need? Do you have something to offer? Have something you’d like to announce to the community? Go to this form. We will be updating the website weekly with new posts. Visit to see the latest postings.

Have Questions? Email
This forum is meant to be community driven and does not imply endorsement or promotion by Romemu. Please note this is only open to Romemu Members. 
ROMEMU EMERGENCY FUND While most of our services and programs are free of charge as we have moved online, the overall needs of the community have increased dramatically. We still need your help to sustain those who make our services, programs, pastoral care, and community outreach possible. If you can, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help support our clergy, staff, musicians, and contract workers during this difficult time. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!
Community Care
by the Romemu Choir

"Spread over us your sukkah and shelter in place"

Comfort in song, together.
Listen to the voices of Romemu!
What Matters: Caring Conversations About End of Life is an initiative in the Jewish community of New York that highlights the importance of advance care planning. The COVID-19 crisis has brought this process to our doorsteps.  If you would like help in developing an advance care plan, Romemu has trained and certified facilitators to help you with this.  

Please email us at and one of our team members will be in touch with you.
Thank you to our Holy Callers!
Volunteer to Reach Out & (Virtually) Touch Someone
We want to check in with each one of you, one-on-one, to see how you are doing, listen to how you are feeling, ask for what you need, and accept what you can offer to others.
A huge “Thank You” to all our amazing, holy callers, and to our Yad B’Yad membership and Hesed committee leaders for organizing. We need more volunteers. To help call those in need, or to offer assistance in other ways, sign up by CLICKING HERE or email

12-Step Inspired Group at Romemu
If you are a member of any 12-step program and part of the Romemu community, we invite you to a Jewish,12-step inspired recovery meeting. For more information and for meeting dates and locations, please contact

Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care is a model of spiritual and emotional support in which clergy members support people in their pain, loss, and anxiety, as well as in their joys and blessings. It’s a holistic approach that focuses on guiding, supporting, healing and empowering people to draw upon spiritual resources. It is not psychotherapy and clergy may refer individuals to therapists. Sessions last for 45-50 minutes, are usually limited to three consecutive sessions, and are intended for Romemu members only. Since our clergy acts as a team, any one of our pastoral clergy may meet with you. Please note, the clergy meets weekly as a team to confidentially discuss pastoral cases. Although you will only be meeting with one member of the team, you will have the benefit of the expertise of the whole pastoral team to support you.  
To arrange for a Pastoral Care consult, please contact
For pastoral emergencies, such as a death in the family, please email or call (212) 580-4294, press 1, and leave a message.

Hesed Care
During this time we know that there are many needs in our community - spiritual, emotional and physical. We also know that we have many resources amongst us and that while we might not be physically able to gather, we are still “stronger together.”  
With that as our principle, the Romemu clergy team partners with community volunteers on the Hesed Committee to provide essential services to community members in need. Such support may include assistance ordering food online or by phone, picking up and delivering medications, and helping obtain any other essential items that cannot be ordered online or delivered by the vendor. 
The Hesed Committee relies on community members offering their time and attention to help. During this intense time, we lots of people to volunteer… in fact, everyone who can. Please sign up as a volunteer (no specific commitment or skills required) by emailing
A huge “Thank You” to all our amazing, holy callers, and to our Yad B’Yad membership and Hesed committee leaders!
Seeking Marketing & Communications Associate immediately to help manage website, social media, email communications, print, preparation, shabbat and other programs. Reply to with your cover letter and resume.
Support Romemu
Support our clergy, staff, and contract workers during this difficult time by making a donation. Please click here to make your gift today.
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