August 18, 2022 – Volume 19 Number 8
In this week’s Torah portion, Eikev, one of the themes Moses teaches to the Israelites is that humanity “does not live on bread alone” (Deuteronomy 8:3). Here, he teaches that the Children of Israel wandered for 40 years to learn how to have faith in God. This is to remind us that we have spiritual sustenance in addition to satisfying our physical needs. The sages of our tradition taught, “Without bread there is no Torah, and without Torah there is no bread!” It is simply understood that without food one cannot learn and focus his/her/their energy on God’s teaching. And yet, life is not just about the things we accumulate, or that physically sustains us.

When I study this teaching regarding Torah, I believe it represents more than the Five Books of Moses, or even all of the written words of our religion. Rather, Torah symbolizes humanity’s search for sacred purpose. Having determination that is beyond our ego and self leads to fulfillment. In life we can always want more: more money, better looks, luxuries, and precious objects. But we know that possessions have limitations. There is a famous study that says one’s income only correlates with one’s happiness up to around $75,000 (in 2010). The research showed that a person who made $100,000 was not much happier than a person who made $85,000. The study’s authors argue that when we make under a certain amount of money, then we have financial burdens and stresses. I think it is more apt to say, not having financial stability can lead to unhappiness; but money itself does not necessarily make us happy.

So, what makes us happy? I think deep inside, we know that the simple answers are true. It is love, connection to the world around us, having purpose, and giving back to others. To me, this is the true Torah. When we put our egos to the side and focus on bringing forth our divine purpose (figuring out why we are on this earth), it motivates us to wake up each day and live life. And we want to share this life with others that we trust and for whom we have mutual respect. One of the things that I have heard many people say is that while COVID-19 has been horrible, its impact has caused many of us to reprioritize our lives. We are spending more time with loved ones and being more aware of things we often take for granted.

I am idealistic, but not naïve. It takes a lot of money to live in Westchester County, and to live a comfortable lifestyle. But let us not miss out on life because we are trying to provide for it. Instead, may we be grateful for the gifts we have in our lives. It is easy to be tempted to want more, or to seek greater financial stability, and yet, let us take a moment to value what is in our lives – especially the people we love. And may we share our own good fortune to help those who are in need. And if we are truly able to do this, I think we will all find God’s presence in our midst.

Wishing you a sweet and fulfilling Shabbat,

Rabbi Jesse
Service Times for Shabbat
Friday, August 19th

6:00 pm Shabbat Evening Services led by Cantor Rita Glassman with a guest sermon by Lloyd Robinson in person, and on Livestream, Facebook Live, OR ZOOM
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Saturday, August 20th

9:00 am Shabbat Morning Blessings/Torah Study in person and via ZOOM (Meeting ID: 853 3548 4859, Passcode: 58QLMa)
ICYMI: Rabbi Jesse's sermon on Tu B'Av, the Jewish holiday of love, from last week's Shabbat in the Gazebo, is available by clicking on this video link.
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Ritual Committee Meeting with Cantor Glassman
 MEETING: Wednesday, August 24th • 7:30 PM
Please join us as we meet with Cantor Glassman to discuss and share insights about the coming Temple year. 
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Better Together Needs YOU! / Chavaya Open House
The “Better Together” program offers curriculum and resources to create an interactive-remote teen and senior relationship.

Since 2014 the program has been running in Jewish schools, synagogues, and youth groups across the country. The program requires at least 10 teens and five senior adults in order to run. Interested? Please fill out this short application.
An Open House for Chavaya (TINR's Religious School) will be held on Sunday, September 11th from 12PM - 2PM. Interested parents, or friends of interested parents can visit for more information.
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Come Bake Challah with the Sisterhood!
Wednesday, September 14th, 6:30 - 9 pm,
at Temple Israel

Our Rosh Hashanah Challah Bake is open to everyone! We will be making a batch of challah dough to take home to bake (2 loaves!) and a roll we will shape and bake together. $36 per adult, includes recipe. Register at

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Happy Birthday Thelma Fixler - 103 years young!
Sunday, September 18th, 11 am - 1 pm, at Temple Israel

Come celebrate! An exhibit will be available for attendees to view in the Cultural Center, of her life achievements! Everyone is welcome to attend and celebrate!

Please RSVP to Sari or (914) 523-5470 to accommodate for food.
Camp Pinebrook & Kehillah | A Summer to Remember!
Click here to say farewell to the Camp Pinebrook summer season, and click here to see a last summer celebration of Shabbat at Kamp Kehillah.
Read With Us!
Portrait of an Unknown Woman
by Daniel Silva

Fans of Daniel Silva will not be disappointed! Although Gabriel Allon has at long last severed ties with Israeli intelligence and settled quietly in Venice with his wife and children, his retirement does not last long. 

He is once again drawn back in when an eccentric London art dealer asks Gabriel to investigate the circumstances surrounding the rediscovery and sale of a centuries-old painting. As one reviewer put it “…the tone of this book is wittier, funnier, and more sensual, but don’t be fooled.”
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