September Updates
HJ High Noon Summit

Three-hundred sixty participants from 27 nations around the world gathered near Cheong Pyeong this past Sept 1-2 for the HJ High Noon Summit hosted in partnership by High Noon and YSP-Korea as part of the 6th anniversary celebration for Father's Ascension. 

The intention of the Summit was to bring awareness to the issue of pornography, share the impact it has had on Blessed Families, and convey the importance in addressing this topic for our worldwide movement.

This Summit was an incredible launching pad to extend High Noon's ability to educate our worldwide community on the influence that pornography is having in society, support people in their sexual integrity, and fulfill True Parents vision to fill the world with Radiant Blessed Couples.

HJ High Noon Summit Recap Video
HJ High Noon Summit Recap Video

Asia Tour 

Immediately following the Summit, the High Noon Team departed on a 21-day speaking tour to seven nations; Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan, & Nepal.

It was incredible to be warmly welcomed from members all around the world. Everywhere we went we were greeted with hugs and smiles. 

We spoke at churches, schools, and universities. Everywhere we went we were heard sentiments expressing gratitude that this topic was finally being discussed.

The world is in need of clear sexual education. Every country we visited shared how conservative their culture is and that they were unsure people would be willing to discuss these issues. In the end, people always opened up and expressed their gratitude that clear guidance is being offered regarding the issues that confuse them.

We realized that, while we think some cultures may be more conservative, young people everywhere are hearing and learning about sex, just from neither their families nor churches. People hear from classmates, music, TV. What's meant to be a powerful, awesome experience is learned from pixels on school buses. 

It was a rigorous schedule, flying and speaking in a new country every two days. Thankfully everyone maintained their health and we remained accident free.

We're grateful to have had the opportunity to spread the High Noon message, made possible with the blessings of Dr. Yong, Dr. Kittel, Rev. Yoon, and each of the national leaders that hosted us. We'd also like to extend a special thank you to the BFM for letting us borrow Jessica!

-Thank you for bringing our church back to life!

-I'm a second gen and been struggling with this issue for a long time. I always felt guilty being told how special I was, but at the same time struggling in this area. It's encouraging to know that I'm not the only one, and that there is hope for me to get over this and go to the Blessing.

-What you have to share is so valuable. I feel a revival in our church!

-Thank you, thank you! My friends at school talk about pornography all the time. I always felt uncomfortable about it, but never knew why it was bad.

-This was an amazing education. I've been struggling with porn for many years. I've tried to quit but always fail. I now have courage to share about it with my parents and get help.

Asia Tour 2018
Asia Tour 2018

Our team in Philippines

Speaking to parents in Malaysia

Enjoying a meal with Malaysian leadership

400 people in Thailand! (some came from  9 hours away!)

Sneaking in a bit of sightseeing

A great group in Cambodia

Enjoying a meal in Taiwan. Sometimes it felt like all we did was eat and give talks :p

Despite an exhausting schedule these two still found time to be cute

Sammy talking on purity in Japan

Wolfenbergers giving a talk on creating Heavenly Intimacy.... Blessed Couples only ;)

A warm welcome in Nepal

The Difference You're Making

After high school I went away for university and ended up getting a girlfriend and developing a sexual relationship with her. We eventually broke up, and that plus being away from home made it a difficult time for me. I didn't grow up very close to the church, but I began to seek out the church more because I was lonely. It was during that time that I heard about High Noon and decided to attend one of their programs. 

I was inspired by the idea of living a High Noon life - a life without shadows, a life where I didn't have secrets to keep, a life of transparency and authenticity. I reached out to High Noon and began their recovery program (I was also struggling with porn). I trained myself to open up to other people and be honest. The community I became a part of was embracing and encouraging. I became more interested in our faith, making time to read the Divine Principle, attend workshops, and learn more about what I took for granted growing up. I decided that I actually wanted to get Matched and Blessed. 

Over the course of months I pulled away the layers of secrets that I had spent years building up. However, I still had the one. No one, not even my parents, knew that I had a sexual relationship while at school. Soon after my relationship ended I attended a Special Grace ceremony, so I tried to convince myself that the experience was washed away and no one needed to know. But deep down I knew that wasn't right. However much effort I made, I would never be able to look myself in the mirror and say I was free of shadows. 

I gathered my courage and shared with Uncle David. It was the scariest thing I ever did. So many fears ran through my head, "He'll be disappointed", "He'll never talk to me again." Once I finally got the words out Uncle David looked at me and said, "Thank you for being honest. I know how hard that must be. I still love you." I cried more than I ever had in my life, and then felt the lightest I ever had in my life. It was complete liberation. A weight had been lifted off my shoulders that I never knew I was carrying. 

Fast forward two years after my first contact with High Noon, I've shared with my parents about my past relationship, done the appropriate conditions, am happily matched and will be attending the next Blessing. My match knows about my past and it's been an opportunity for me to experience her unconditional love for me.

High Noon turned my life in a completely different direction. I would not be where I am without them. I will continue to live the rest of my life free of shadows.

Thank you for everything!

Male, 22 years old

Every month we'd like to share stories of the impact our work is having in people's lives. 

These stories are made possible by our generous donors. People's donations are what allow us to travel, to speak free of charge, and to create resources for parents, teachers, spouses, and strugglers. 

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Upcoming Plans

October 12-14 -  European BFD Conference, Camberg Germany

We'll be speaking with all the Blessed Family Department leaders in Europe, educating them on how to support their local regions in the area of sexual integrity. 

This is our last planned event for 2018. After this, we're hunkering down for the rest of the year to create new material to share with people. New talks to give, new resources for people, and a refresh to our website.

For 2019, we're cooking up six regional events spread throughout the year in different parts of America. Stay tuned for an event near you! 

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See you next month!

Sammy Uyama