International Design Source,
in conjunction with our valued vendors, has created
special showroom tours during the upcoming
October 2018 High Point Market

Join vendor sales representatives and IDS Tour Guide Emily Fitzgerald for a personal tour, new market introductions, and overviews of their respective brands with other IDS clients.

RSVP required.
  • Due to the nature of Market, tours may run behind (or even ahead!) schedule.
  • Please arrive promptly at the specified time at the front of the showroom otherwise noted. 
  • During market, you can contact Emily by phone to find out where the group is at any time, her contact info will be included in your registration details. 

Registration closes October 10, 2018.

5 - 6 pm

Cisco Brothers Corp. Tour
1014 Mill Ave. (off-site showroom)

Meet at the front of the Cisco building.

Cisco Brothers is an off-site showroom: You must provide your own transportation - Go Anywhere Shuttles aren't running until Friday 10/12. 

8 - 9am
  with coffee and breakfast

Star International and Orient Express Furniture (now Essentials for Living) Tour 
Showplace - 3148, 1800, Floor 3
Transportation Terminal Red/Green 1

10 - 11am
  with coffee and breakfast

Rowe and Robin Bruce Furniture Tour 
Showplace -1100, Floor 1
Transportation Terminal Red/Green 1

12:30 - 1:30pm
Christopher Guy Tour and Lunch
129 S. Hamilton St.
Transportation Terminal #1 Red/Green

Meet at the front of the Christopher Guy showroom. 

1:30 - 2:30pm
Phillips Collection, Made Goods & Currey & Co. Tours
IHFC - C202, Commerce, Floor 2
Transportation Terminal #1 Red/Green

Meet at Phillips Collection and head to Make Goods then over to Currey & Co. 

3 - 4pm

Castelle Outdoor Tour
IHFC - M101, Main, Floor 1
Transportation Terminal #1 Red/Green Line

4 - 5pm

Summer Classics and Gabby Tours
IHFC - IH104, Commerce, Floor 1
Transportation Terminal #1 Red/Green Line

Meet at Summer Classics (Interhall 104) then head to Gabby in space W168.  

5 - 6pm

Palecek Tour
IHFC - D202, Design Center, Floor 2
Transportation Terminal #1 Red/Green Line

6 - 7pm
  and happy hour drinks

Global Views Tour and Cocktails
IHFC - D220, Design Center, Floor 2

  with dinner and drinks

Planum Tour and Dinner
1822 English Rd. (off-site showroom)

To get a ride to Planum, call a Go Anywhere Shuttle 336.887.RIDE (7433)

8 - 9am
  with coffee and breakfast 
Wesley Hall Tour
310 N. Hamilton St., Floor 1
Red Line #18

9 - 10am
Old Biscayne Designs Tour
310 N. Hamilton St., Floor 2
Red Line #18

Note: Entrance is off Fred Alexander Place across from Jonathan Charles (elevator between Welsey Hall and Sherrill)

10 - 10:30am
Belle Meade Signature  Tour
310 N. Hamilton St. - Hamilton Court, S-312, Floor 3
Red Line #18

10:30 - 11:30 am
Browse Hamilton Wrenn District 
Ambella Home, Resource Decor, Soicher-Marin, etc. 
N. Hamilton St. 
Red Line #18

11:30am - 1pm
  with lunch 

Lexington Home Brands Tour & Lunch
1300 National Highway, Thomasville, NC 27360

Lexington's showroom is off-site.
Pickup at Artistca's showroom (200 N Hamilton St) or meet us at the Main Campus 1300 National Highway.

**If you're joining us from the Transportation Terminal: take a shuttle from  Lexington Downtown Design Studio  (116 E. Commerce St. at Wrenn)

1:30 - 2pm

Artistica Tour
200 N. Hamilton St., Floor 2
Red Line #18

2 - 3pm
Hickory White/Lillian August Tours
309 N. Hamilton St.
Red Line #18

3 - 4pm
The MT Company and Charleston Forge Tour
311 N. Hamilton St.
Red Line #18

4 - 5pm
 Cocktails with celebrity designer Thom Filicia
Wendover Art Tour
IHFC - C215, Commerce, Floor 2
Transportation Terminal Red/Green 1

5 - 6pm
Bernhardt Tour
IHFC - D601, Design Center, Floor 6

6:30 - 7:30pm
with dinner 
Theodore Alexander Tour and Dinner
229 W. Russell Ave.
Green Line #8

Call the TA Line for transportation from anywhere: 336-404-5632

8 - 9am
  with coffee and breakfast 
Vanguard Furniture Tour 
301 N. Hamilton St.
Red Line #18 

9:30 - 10:30am

Browse Hamilton Court Showrooms - 
Leathercraft,  Chelsea House,  Wildwood Lamps, etc.

N. Hamilton St. - Hamilton Court
Red Line #18

10:30 - 11:30am

Fairfield Chair Company Tour 
200 N. Hamilton St. - N. Ct. 207, Floor 2, 
Red Line #18

11:30a - 1pm
  with lunch 
Chaddock Tour and Lunch
200 Steele, 106, Floor 1
Red Line #17

1 - 2pm
Highland House and Kindel/Councill/Karges Tour
200 Steele, 121 & 103, Floor 1
Red Line #17

2 - 3pm
Century Furniture Tour
200 Steele, 213, Floor 2
Red Line #17

3 - 4pm
John-Richard Tour
200 Steele, 223, Floor 2
Red Line #17

4 - 5pm
Taylor King, Jessica Charles, and Hancock & Moore Tour
200 Steele, 304 & 323, Floor 3
Red Line #17

5 - 6:30pm
  and happy hour with Emilio!

Stanley Furniture Tour and Cocktails with Emilio
200 N. Hamilton St.
Red Line #18

8 - 9am
Hickory Chair, Pearson, and Maitland-Smith Tour
314 Market Square, Floor 3
Red Line #29

9 - 10:30am
Browse Market Square
Drexel, Henredon, Barlow Tyrie, Lane Venture, Lloyd Flanders and more... 
Market Square Building
Red Line #29

10:30a - 12pm
Cont. Browse Market Square & C&D Building 
Dovetail, Feizy, Thibaut, Kravet, and more...
Market Square, C&D Buildings
Red Line #29

12:30 - 2pm
American Leather Tour and Lunch
5000 - Showplace, Floor 5
Transportation Terminal Red/Green 1

2:30 - 4pm

Sherrill Upholstery and CTH, Precedent, Mr. & Mrs. Howard and Motion Craft Tour 
315 Fred Alexander Place, Suite 100
Red Line #18

(Sherrill Furniture entrance is off Fred Alexander Place)

4 - 5pm
  with happy hour 

Massoud, Fremarc/Burton James, and Woodbridge Tour & Cocktails
310 N. Hamilton St., S-104, Floor 1
Red Line #18

8 - 9m
  with breakfast and coffee

Fine Furniture Design Tour
305 S. Hamilton St.
Green Line #13

9 - 10am
Hooker Furniture Tour
IHFC - C1058, Commerce, Floor 10
Transportation Terminal #1 Red/Green  

10a - 12pm
Browse IHFC
IHFC Building
Transportation Terminal #1 Red/Green  

Tour Anytime During Market

Swaim - New showroom at Swaim's factory!
1801 S. University Parkway (off-site showroom)
Go Anywhere Shuttle

Ask for sales rep Gary Simon and let them know you are with International Design Source.

Swaim is now showing at their Factory and are an off-site showroom!
Please note: Go Anywhere Shuttles run Friday 10/12 - Wednesday 10/17. 


Market Tour Questions?

Please contact Emily Fitzgerald at 239-449-3269 or
email at

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