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October 5 , 2018
Welcome back to High School Highlights; a weekly wrap-up of events, designed especially for high school parents and students at Summit Academy, to help keep you in the know. There are many events in the month of October for ALL high school students, so please be sure and check out the important information in the Save the Date section below !
Save the Date!
10/10: Student Activities Committee Meeting 7:40-8:00 in the Library
10/19: No School
10/19: Fall Social for grades 9-12, 7-10 PM at Summit: Halloween-themed dance
10/25: Mountaintop Breakfast 8 a.m.
10/25: Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences - Seniors 3:15-6:15
10/25: Parent Forum on Transition 7-9 PM Summit Auditorium
10/26: Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences - all grades - 8 a.m. -6 PM
10/28: Harlem Wizards Basketball fundraiser 3-6 PM Ramsey Middle School
11/8: Sr. Pictures
Attention Jr. Parents and Students:

The time of year has come for you to start thinking about your class rings! This Monday, October 8, every Junior will receive information at school describing the process of choosing their ring, as well as the cost of the various options. Then, on Friday, October 19, all Junior parents are asked to come with their student to the Fall Social 30 minutes early (at 6:30) to meet with the Balfour representatives for a question and answer session and to have ring sizing done.
Attention Sr. Parents and Students:

As you may have noticed on the Summit calendar, Sr. Pictures will be taken on November 8. The procedure for this day will be the same as regular picture day, with the exception that the Sr. girls will all be given drapes and the boys will be given suit tops to put on for the photos. Therefore, students may dress as usual for school that day - making sure they are happy with their appearance from the neck up:)

Attention Freshmen Parents and Students:

Please be sure to send an extra shirt, as well as deodorant for your student to use in PE each week. The Practical Living class has kindly offered to launder these shirts every Tuesday and return them to the gym. It is a class participation requirement that they change clothes and display knowledge of proper hygiene. Thank you for your help with this!
Summit Academy Parent Forum: College and Career Transition Programs

Mark your calendars for 10/25 from 7-9 PM and plan on attending an evening with speakers representing a sampling of college and career transition programs. Each representative will provide a summary of their program and disseminate literature to interested parents. There will also be time for a Q&A session with representatives from all of the programs during the last portion of the evening.

Who's Coming?
  • University of Cincinnati Transition and Access Program (TAP)
  • College Internship Program (CIP) - Bloomington
  • College Living Experience (CLE)
  • Pre-Employment Transition Specialist serving Kentucky's 16 community colleges

  • Summit Academy Auditorium

RSVP: sbeach@summit-academy.org **

**RSVPs are not a requirement, but are helpful so that each program has prepared enough parent packets. Students will have a chance to meet with program reps during the school day.
Teacher Updates
Mrs. Beach
  • Math: This week is all Money Math all the time!
  • Literacy: Vocabulary Unit 5 will begin Tuesday. Students have been assigned Ch. 5 in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy over the weekend. This is a higher level thinking novel, so ask your students to tell you about it to help check for understanding. Thank you!
  • Economics: Students continue their practice working on reading and understanding typical bills and answering questions about how to read them and pay them. They also work as a team taking care of the cafeteria at the end of all of the lunch periods. This is now self-directed. Great job team!
  • Biology: Students are creating an Animoto video on a vertebrate or invertebrate of their choice, with details about the Kingdom, phylum, class, genus and species. They should be ready to present by Friday.
Ms. Finn
Please check my website for updates about what your student is doing in class this week, homework assignments, upcoming tests or quizzes, and exciting news about my classroom. https://msfinnsclassinfo.weebly.com

  • Math: We are working on decimals. Students are nearly done with their decimals unit.
  • Literacy: We are reading Dracula and working on projects. While we are reading the novel, projects are due every other week.
  • Science: We made oobleck and are studying states of matter and atoms.
  • American Govt: There will be a test on Tuesday. The study guide will be posted to Google classroom.
Thank you, and have a good weekend.
Mr. Harris
School to Work: Angelina is doing a great job at the Calvin Mitchell Salon. It's awesome when a student is in a position which perfectly fits her interests! Everyone in the high school is very proud of her progress at the salon!
Mrs. Hoagland

  • Math: This week we worked on comparing and ordering fractions. We had a great "couple of days" focusing on finding the common denominator for different fractions. Next week we will start adding and subtracting fractions.
  • Literacy: After reading The Big Cleanup, we have been brainstorming ways we could also be part of a larger "Do Good" team. We will choose one of those ways to give back to the school community next week. We have also been practicing letter writing skills and getting ready to write the first draft of a friendly letter. Adjectives will continue to be investigated next week
  • Health: The class finished outlining Ch. 3, Maintaining Mental Health and recognizing examples of healthy and unhealthy relationships. We culminated the chapter by individually making a poster of what a healthy relationship looks like. Next week we will begin discussing the Identification of Human Body Systems.
  • Practical Living: We are all working well as a unit and setting a definite example of teamwork. Our recycling project is going well. Different dishes have been planned and prepared by the team. Jobs are being rotated to prepare for living on our own. And, we are discussing appropriate spending habits.
  • Physical Science: We have extensively looked at molecules, atoms and elements. We each made examples of different compounds using marshmallows and toothpicks, which are nicely displayed in the classroom. Next week we will dig deeply into atoms...learning about protons, electrons and neutrons; as well as, the atomic number for each element.
Ms. Miller
  • Math: Everyone did a nice job on the fraction test this week! Next week we will continue to work with money, as we review place value and decimals.
  • Literacy: This week while discussing famous ancient Greeks, the students made some great connections between the trial of Socrates and current events of today's world. Next week we will read Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" and several short articles about life in Ancient Greece, while developing our writing skills.
  • Spanish 1: Good job with the presentations! We continue to focus on basic vocabulary and greetings. Next week's emphasis will be on calendar related words (months, days, seasons).
  • Spanish 2: The students did a great job this week writing paragraphs about themselves and their likes/dislikes in Spanish. Remember that oral presentations of projects will take place this week.
  • Senior Seminar: The students have really enjoyed creating art while reviewing the 7 Elements of Art. Next week we will finish up a couple final art projects and begin to switch our focus to music.
As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

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