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April 19, 2019
Welcome back to High School Highlights; a weekly wrap-up of events, designed especially for high school parents and students at Summit Academy, to help keep you in the know. Last month, some of our high school students participated in a contest called Doodle 4 Google. We will continue to spotlight one Doodle each week from now until May.
The calendar of events below takes you all the way to the end of the school year. There is a lot there, so mark your calendars, and if there is anything you are unsure of, please don't hesitate to ask!
Upcoming Events:

  • 4/19: Final day of Sr. Internships
  • 4/19: Walk-a-Thon
  • 4/25: Jr. Ring Ceremony practice, 9:45 a.m.
  • 4/26: Jr. Ring Ceremony, 10 a.m., auditorium, Jr. and Sr. Class dismissed following ceremony (11 a.m.)
  • 4/26: Jr/Sr. Prom, 6PM - 10 PM, Sawyer Hayes Center
  • 5/3 : NO SCHOOL
  • 5/10: Noon Dismissal
  • 5/16 : High School Talent & Awards Show, 10 a.m.
  • 5/17: Last Academic Day for Seniors
  • 5/20: Sr. Day Trip and Cookout, 8 a.m. - 7:30 P.M.
  • 5/21: Graduation Practice at Middletown Christian Church, 9-11 a.m.
  • 5/22: Sr. Brunch, Lake Forest Country Club, 9:00 a.m.
  • 5/22: Graduation, 7:00 P.M., Middletown Christian Church
  • 5/24: KY Kingdom Trip 9th-11th graders, 8:30-2:30
  • 5/27: NO SCHOOL
  • 5/29: Last day of School: Noon Dismissal (Carnival)
  • 5/30: End of the year Conferences
Fun in the Sun
Last Tuesday was our April social event. Twelve high schoolers turned out at the Putt Putt Fun Center on a beautiful afternoon! Special thanks to parents Melissa Shawler and Robin Scarbrough for helping Mrs. Beach carpool the students from school to the event. Some particularly incredible golfing skills were displayed by Seniors Maggie and Alex, as well as Freshman Nolan. Anne and Mrs. Beach discovered that combining their skills served them well. (pictured above) Emily got the vote for the most focused golfer, while John got the award for the fastest golfer. Max got the award for the most putts made while looking at his cell phone, while Zach preferred the video games to the golfing. And finally, Eden got the award for being the most persistent - she worked very hard for each of her points and then had a giant Kit Kat to reward her efforts. (See more pictures below.)
Senior Day: May 20
On May 20, the teachers and administration will be recognizing the first Senior Day at Summit Academy! In honor of this day, we are treating the Seniors to a special day, including an IMAX showing, walking the Big 4 Bridge, lunch on the river and a Crazy Dash Scavenger Hunt downtown. The day will be capped off with a cookout at Summit Academy, served up by our very own administrators, for all of our Seniors and their families. The kids have all brought home information, permission slips and RSVP's for this special day. Please return them as soon as possible, and we are looking forward to a great day!
Teacher Updates
Mrs. Beach
  • Math: This week will be a spiral review of skills worked into word problems during guided practice time. Spring Fever has hit, but there is still nightly skills homework in Math. Thanks for your support with this, parents!
  • Literacy: Students should have completed reading through Ch. 5 in Across Five Aprils and turned in their summary. There will be no Vocabulary in Sadler this week. We will be concentrating on our novel study, including comprehension, vocabulary and writing.
  • Economics: The students have calculated the price of flooring for the coffee shop based on their measurements of the square footage needing to be replaced. They have made rough draft floor plans of changes to the Sierra House, within budget. They are currently working on plans for donor recognition signs with the help of students from Literacy class.
  • Biology: Students are learning the internal anatomical structures of the frog in preparation for skills quiz on Tuesday followed by dissection lab on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Did you know a frog's pancreas looks like a mushroom cap? They do!
Ms. Finn
  • Math: Most students are beginning to work on basic geometry skills, though a few are still working with combining like terms and the distributive property. Continue to look for nightly homework.
  • Literacy: Seniors are working on their "Last Lecture". Parents will be invited to the classroom to watch their student deliver the last lecture. Date to be emailed next week.
  • American Govt: We are wrapping up the Vietnam War and Communism. We will spend our last unit on International Law. There will be a test next Thursday on Vietnam and Communism.
  • Science: We are talking about dark matter, space and black holes. Students will be building their own Mars lander and base next week.
Mr. Harris
  • Career Ed:
  • Congratulations to all 12th graders who completed their final intern position today!
  • The 9th grade attended their final career visit to U of L today.
  • Please be on the lookout for emails from SummerWorks as jobs for paid summer positions are coming in. Please contact me with any questions you have.
  • A few students still need to bring in Kentucky Kingdom visit money.
  • In exciting job news: Nolan landed a job at Fitness 19, Ashley got a job at Main Event, and Hayden got a position at Kentucky Kingdom for the summer. Mo also has an upcoming interview at Kroger. Way to go Eagles!

Mrs. Hoagland
  • Math: We enjoyed the remaining two "reteach" presentations. We have started a 3-D architectural project involving toothpicks;
  • Literacy: We shared our short stories with the class. We picked a nature item, assumed its identity and wrote poems. They were great! We discussed contrast and comparisons by completing a Venn Diagram. One exciting note: Emily has entered the KET Writing Contest with a free form poem. Good luck Emily!
  • Health: Chapter 13: learning about diabetes, epilepsy, asthma and arthritis.
  • Practical Living: housekeeping jobs completed, recycling picked up, writing prompt on miscommunication.
  • Physical Science: Almost finished with our book! We studied Ohm's Law and its formula, series and parallel circuits and how to measure electricity.
Ms. Miller
  • Math: Next week we will continue to look at polygons, quadrilaterals and triangles. We will also begin to examine how to read and plot points on a coordinate plane.
  • Literacy: We continue to work on paraphrasing and summarizing informative texts, along with reading Macbeth. Next week we will finish reading Act III and begin Act IV.
  • Spanish 1 : Duolingo and translation practice daily. Next week we will finish our unit review and have a test Tues on adjectives, telling time, and verb conjugation.
  • Spanish 2 : Duolingo activities and translation practice continue daily. Next week we will continue to work with possessive adjectives and comparative phrases.
  • Senior Seminar: Senior projects are due April 25th. Monday and Tuesday will be spent finishing projects. Wednesday will be for editing, revisions and final touches.

As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

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