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March 2, 2019
Welcome back to High School Highlights; a weekly wrap-up of events, designed especially for high school parents and students at Summit Academy, to help keep you in the know.
Upcoming Events:

  • 3/7: Student Activities Comm. Meeting, Library: 7:40 a.m.
  • 3/27: Building School Community Meeting
  • 3/29: Noon Dismissal

Student Spotlight
Meet Abby! She is a Freshman at Summit, who is intelligent, hard working, funny, excels at writing and loves her friends! Recently, Abby had the opportunity to go to Frankfort and observe a day in the life of Sen. Julie Raque Adams up close and personal, as she argued for one of her bills, which passed. She also sat in on meetings with lobbyists and had a chance to sit with the Health and Human Services Committee. Later this month, all of the Freshmen and Sophomores will have the chance to take a field trip to Frankfort. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Abby!
Summit High Schoolers are asked to follow basic guidelines/expectations when at school, as outlined in the High School handbook. Students who learn to be accountable for their own actions will be happier and more successful in the long run. Each trimester, we recognize those students who had zero infractions. Congratulations this trimester go to: Freshmen Abby, Nolan, Katie and Brandon ( not pictured ); Sophomore Parker; Juniors Hayden and Eden ( not pictured ); Seniors Alexandra and Alex. Thank you for being such great role models! Let's see how many more we can get for the third trimester!
Building School Community
Once each month, the whole school comes together into smaller "community" groups. These community groups are made up of students from high school, all the way down to pre-school, and they work together on a small project about a social skill. Last week, students worked on "encouraging others" and as they made houses out of pretzel sticks. Pictured is high school student Noah with some of his "Orange community" buddies. In the high school, our students look forward to these days when they get to buddy up with the younger students. Our next Building School Community Meeting is on March 27.
Teacher Updates
Mrs. Beach
  • Math: Daily skills review, instruction in word problems and circling back to money.
  • Literacy: Vocab Unit 11 this week. Test Tues, 3/5. Continuing with literature from Europe, My First Confession. No Red Ink continues daily for grammar practice.
  • Economics: Creating sponsor materials this week.
  • Biology: All dissections complete on cow eye. Students were very successful locating the external and internal anatomy that they had studied and are now completing lab reports. Next lab experience will be the crayfish.
Ms. Finn
  • Math: Students are wrapping up inequalities. Most students are working on exponents, simplifying radicals, and combining like terms. Be looking for nightly homework now that the printer is back up!
  • Literacy: We are on page 20 of Life of Pi. Students rocked their Dracula test. We are doing something new! We are doing independent reading with a reading log instead of informational reading this last trimester. Some students are doing their reading station as homework by choice. If so, they need to do 10 minutes per day and have you initial that they completed it.
  • American Govt: We are finishing up our simulated nations/economies and we will be writing our reflections on the relative successes or failures of our economies, and why we made the choices that we did. Students will be learning about political parties for the next couple of weeks.
  • Science: Everyone did will on their Tectonic Forces test. We are now diving into work oceans. Students will complete a salinity lab next week.
Mr. Harris
  • Career Ed: Classes have been transformed recently by our new green screen. Role play job interviews and career related stories have all been recorded in the past few weeks. Below is a fun video of Parker and Nolan interviewing for a pizza job. Well done to Mr. Adam for adding our special effects! The 12th graders are continuing to work hard on Fridays while at their internships, and the 9th grade visited the Renaissance Fun Park on Friday.

Mrs. Hoagland
  • Math: Metric conversions using the Metric Staircase. We still need a little more practice, which will happen this week.
  • Literacy: Recognizing supporting details and improving boring sentences using sensory details. Using the "Somebody-Wanted-But-So" formula for understanding short story elements. This week: putting our story ideas on paper
  • Health: Just completed Ch. 8 on The Family and are busy reviewing the chapter. The test will be this week.
  • Practical Living: Jobs completed at the Sierra House; recycling pickup; learning how to separate emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
  • Physical Science: Finished our chapter on Simple Machines. There is one more lab to complete on Mechanical Advantage. Test will probably be on Wednesday of this week.
Ms. Miller
  • Math: Daily skill review continues. This week will be all about lines, rays, segments and angles as we start a new unit.
  • Literacy: Last week was focused on skill review and background knowledge of the anglo-saxon period. This week we will be doing a reader's theater version of Beowulf and discussing the epic poem and hero.
  • Spanish 1 : Duolingo and translation practice continue daily. Working on building simple sentences using tener and tener que (have/have to).
  • Spanish 2: Duolingo and translation practice continue daily. Students will begin scripting out and performing short conversation scenes.
  • Senior Seminar: Last week we focused on planning for prom. This week students will begin brainstorming and putting together proposals for senior projects.
As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

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