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October 19 , 2018
Welcome back to High School Highlights; a weekly wrap-up of events, designed especially for high school parents and students at Summit Academy, to help keep you in the know. We hope you have been able to enjoy a break with your kids today. We are looking forward to seeing them at the Fall Social this evening! Just a reminder: the location for this evening's events has been moved. Please see below for details!
Save the Date!
10/19: Jr. parents and students, 6:30 PM meeting with Balfour representatives for class ring information and sizing - Mr. Harris' room - Room 305. Please enter through side door of high school.
10/19: Fall Social for grades 9-12, 7-10 PM in Summit Gym : Halloween-themed dance. Please enter directly into Gym door in back of building. Cost $5
10/25: Mountaintop Breakfast 8 a.m.
10/25: Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences - Seniors 3:15-6:15
10/25: Parent Forum on Transition 7-9 PM Summit Auditorium * Don't forget your RSVP's please
10/26: Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences - all grades - 8 a.m. -6 PM
10/28: Harlem Wizards Basketball fundraiser and Social Event 3-6 PM Ramsey Middle School * see more info. below
* 10/31: Field trip to Stage One to see Frankenstein - leave Summit 11:15
11/8: Sr. Pictures
Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

We are looking forward to seeing all of you on 10/25 and 10/26 for conferences. If you haven't signed up yet, there are still slots available. You may click on the link below to sign up. At this time, open spots on 10/25 may be filled by parents at any grade level. We appreciate that you gave Sr. parents the chance to fill these spots first.

Conferences will be held in Rooms 300 and 301 this year.

Student Activities Committee Update

10/28 Harlem Wizards Bball Game Fundraiser: 3-6 Ramsey Middle
Student Tickets: $10
General Admission for parents: $12

**Tickets will be available for purchase the night of the High School Social or at school next week**

This past Wednesday, the students at Summit got to meet "Patric the Artist" of the Harlem Wizards at a pep rally for the Wizards vs the faculty basketball game scheduled for Sunday, October 28. Faculty members representing the high school include Mr. Harris and Ms. Beach, who are joined by Mr. Sigman, Ms. Hill, Ms. Lape, Ms. Cindy, Ms. Hoffman, and local celebrities.

Let's carpool from Summit with a high school cheering section!

If interested, contact sbeach@summit-academy.org to arrange for tickets and to help with or get into a carpool!
Summit Academy High School
Cordially invites you to attend
Parent Forum:
College and Career Transition Programs

Date: 10/25/18
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: Summit Academy Auditorium
RSVP: sbeach@summit-academy.org

Who’s Coming?
Matthew Wilson, KCTCS Pre-employment specialist : Matthew  specializes in working with high school students , schools and families to help students with disabilities plan for the future and prepare for careers that match their skills, abilities and interests. He is able to provide his services to Summit Academy High School students/parents free of charge through a new, federally funded project.

Jan Goings, Director, Transition Services, TAP Program, University of Cincinnati:   The TAP Program is a four-year college certificate program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students live on campus in inclusive residence halls, with peer coaches to support academic, career, social and campus life.

Ashley Sullivan, Admissions Coordinator, CIP Bloomington : CIP is a comprehensive, residential post-secondary transition program for young adults with Asperger’s, High functioning Autism, ADHD and other learning differences, ages 18-26. Registration for a free Experience Day on 11/17 is currently available online as well.

Stephanie Deker, National Director of Admissions and Outreach, College Living Experience (CLE) : CLE provides post-secondary support in the areas of independent living and social skills development for young adults with learning differences, while they pursue their career of interest or academic program. The CLE philosophy is “We meet you where you are.”

Student ID's
The wait is over and the high school students are now the proud recipients of student ID's! Each student is to wear this ID as part of his or her dress code each day to identify themselves as a student at Summit Academy High School. Student IDs may also be used at some local establishments to receive discounts. Wear these with pride Eagles! You deserve them!
Teacher Updates
Mrs. Beach
  • Math: The students completed their 2-week money unit with flying colors! This week will be a review of all of the skills from the first term. You should see Monday-Thursday homework again as well.
  • Literacy: This week the students will be completing and editing their persuasive writing piece for their portfolio about what they would like to see added to the high school. We will pick up with our reading of HHG on Ch. 8.
  • Economics: Students are working on economics math problems; for example, figuring out their daily wage and weekly wage based on various salaries and various hours worked.
  • Biology: Finishing up Vertebrates and Invertebrates Unit this week. Study Guide on Monday, Review Game on Tuesday and Quiz on Wednesday. Study hard!

A big thank you to Mr. Beach for subbing for me this week and to my students for their excellent work ethic while I was gone!
Ms. Finn
Please check my website for updates about what your student is doing in class this week, homework assignments, upcoming tests or quizzes, and exciting news about my classroom. https://msfinnsclassinfo.weebly.com

Thank you, and have a good weekend.
Mr. Harris
School to Work: Derek is doing great at his internship at the YMCA. He has a range of duties which include: weight and machine management, checking in guests at the reception and cleaning equipment. Derek also finds time to work out. Everyone is delighted with how hard Derek works, and staff members are very happy he works on a Friday as it is the busiest day of the week! Good job, Derek, we are all very proud of you.
Mrs. Hoagland
  • Math: We are continuing our work with adding fractions and have bumped it up a bit by adding mixed numbers and reducing to lowest forms. Next week we will introduce fraction subtraction. We also focused on STAR skills by identifying different polygons. Next week, we will step inside the polygons and investigate the angles within.
  • Literacy: The class has worked hard on their friendly letters, perfecting their second drafts and preparing them for mailing. We are using Wednesdays to learn about fables and the messages that are embedded within each. We are making headway reading our selected novels. Some students are almost finished with their first novel!
  • Health: We have been investigating the different body systems and have focused this week on the brain, nervous system and the eye. Next week we will look closely at the remaining sense organs and begin building our human body as a class project.
  • Practical Living: Household jobs were performed on Tuesday, recycling on Wednesday, dish preparation on Thursday. Next week we will practice filling out an apartment rental form in preparation for living on our own some day.
  • Physical Science: We've had a very busy week learning about the Periodic Table, including: symbols, atomic numbers and different isotopes. For such a hard concept, we are doing exceptionally well. Good work!
Ms. Miller
  • Math: Good scores on the quiz this week. Next week we will continue with daily practice of skills and using Khan Academy to practice working with decimals. We will also focus on using money to make change.
  • Literacy: Great job on the Greek Mythology test! Next week will be all about writing. We will spend time editing some of our past pieces. We will also use our creative writing skills to author our own fictional hero stories.
  • Spanish 1: This week we spent a lot of time reviewing the vocabulary we have learned so far this year. Next week we will begin learning some commonly used verbs and practicing how to conjugate them.
  • Spanish 2:Great job this week putting together sentences to practice appropriate placement of adjectives. Next week there will be a quiz on Tuesday, and we will continue to practice proper sentence formation.
  • Senior Seminar: This week we spent some extra time working together on a slide show about famous artists and the elements of art that can be observed in their work. We also began our exploration of various musical genres and instruments from around the world. Next week we will continue this exploration by learning about a variety of dances and creating and matching rhythms and beats.
As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

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