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August 31, 2018
Welcome back to High School Highlights; a weekly wrap-up of events, designed especially for high school parents and students at Summit Academy, to help keep you in the know! Next week, our Freshman class heads to Camp Nuhop on retreat with Mr. Harris and Mrs. Beach. Please keep them in your thoughts during this unique opportunity for reflection, self-awareness and team-building.
On next week's calendar:
  • Monday: Labor Day - No School
  • Wednesday : Freshmen leave for retreat at Camp Nuhop - arrive packed and ready to go at 8 a.m.
  • Thursday : Freshmen on retreat at Camp Nuhop
  • Friday : Sr. Internships, Freshmen return home from Camp Nuhop by 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: Middletown Parade and Summit Family Picnic - parade starts at 11:30 a.m. at Eastern High School, with picnic immediately following the parade in the field behind the gym

Student Spotlight
Congratulations to Freshman, Katie, for being chosen as this week's Student in the Spotlight! Katie was chosen by her teachers because she is proving every day that she can rise to the challenging expectations of high school. Even more important, she does this with a smile on her face and a great, positive attitude that is contagious to those around her. Thank you, Katie, for being such a great role model!
Giving Back

Special Thanks to John Gagnon, Alex Mounkes and Maggie Reeves for cleaning the cafeteria each day when all the lunches are over!

Special Thanks to Ms. Hoagland's Recycling Team: Eden, Ashley, Emily, Parker, Zach and Hayden! Almost all of the recycling bins were emptied throughout the school on Wednesday and the collection has been placed in the appropriate dumpster. The Team is very aware how important it is to take care of the Earth and they are proud to do their share.  
Teacher Updates
Mrs. Beach
I will be with the Freshmen on retreat Wed-Fri. Mr. Beach will be subbing :)
  • Math: Students continue learning about data, including finding the mean , median and now mode, as well as its application. Be looking for nightly math homework.
  • Literacy: Students have a Vocabulary Test when they come back on Tuesday. We have reviewed in class, but they should have their books to study over the long weekend.
  • Economics: Students are creating a commercial video for their mock business on Animoto.
  • Biology: Cell quiz was Thursday and will be returned on Tuesday. Moving into Classification of Living/Non-Living things.
Ms. Finn
Please check my website for updates about what your student is doing in class this week, homework assignments, upcoming tests or quizzes, and exciting news about my classroom. https://msfinnsclassinfo.weebly.com

 Thank you, and have a good weekend.
Mr. Harris
Camp Nuhop reminders:
  • Please let me know of any special instructions regarding medications
  • Refer to the FAQ online about what to bring
  • Electronics are permitted, but rules will be in place while driving to and from camp, and while in dorm rooms
Mrs. Hoagland
  • Math: Focus has been on compatible numbers in all four operations of computation. Word problems continue to have sporadic success. We will endure until we reach a level of comfort.
  • Literacy: Focus has been on vocabulary and how it relates to the stories we have read, investigating editing strategies, especially, identifying proper nouns and punctuation. Next week we will choose a book to read independently.
  • Health: Setting short/long term goals to live a healthy life and prepare for adulthood.
  • Practical Living: Doing our weekly jobs, including recycling for the entire school, cooking sessions with the group.
  • Physical Science: Using the Metric Staircase to compute different units in the Metric System. Next week we will investigate area and volume using only metric units.
Ms. Miller
I know everyone is looking forward to a three day weekend after all the hard work they have put in this week!
  • Math: The students made a fraction flip chart to use as a resource while we work to understand equivalent fractions. Next week we will continue our work with fractions, comparing and combining them in a variety of ways.
  • Literacy: We began discussing "The Hero's Journey," and the vocabulary needed to examine a variety of texts using this story structure. Next week we will begin brainstorming story ideas for an upcoming creative writing assignment.
  • Spanish: Both Spanish classes are using Duolingo and IXl spanish on a daily basis. Spanish 1 is focusing on greetings, while Spanish 2 has been practicing their reading comprehension of short passages in spanish.
  • Senior Seminar spent time discussing household tools and chores. They had to complete a multi-step chore at home during the week, and were given the "challenge" to complete one or more personal chores (i.e. make their bed, put away laundry, keep their room clean, etc.) over the long weekend.
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and, as always, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

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