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February 8, 2019
Welcome back to High School Highlights; a weekly wrap-up of events, designed especially for high school parents and students at Summit Academy, to help keep you in the know.
Upcoming Events:

  • 2/9: Boys Social Event: Night at the movies with Mr. Harris.
  • 2/15: NO SCHOOL
  • 2/21, 2/22: Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
  • 2/25: NO SCHOOL
It's Parent/Teacher/Student Conference Time!
I t's Winter Conference Time! The High School will be having conferences Thursday evening, 2/21 and all day Friday, 2/22. Attached is a link to Sign up Genius so that you can sign up for your conference time. Seniors are not required to work at their internships on 2/22, but because some of them would like to, we have reserved Thursday spots for Seniors. Please plan on spending an additional 15 minutes-30 minutes after your scheduled conference time if you are a Soph, Jr. or Sr. to complete your transition conference with Susan Beach.
Girls' Lock In
Last weekend, the Summit High School girls were invited to a lock in. They came and played Ghost in the Graveyard and Hide and Seek in the dark in the high school halls. We all cracked up trying to understand each other playing the game "Speak Out" with our mouth guards on. We had pizza and watched the IU game at Hometown Pizza. And when it got late, everyone watched movies and ate popcorn and oreos in their sleeping bags. Thanks for a great night, girls!
Freshmen Career Visits
The freshmen continued their career visits with a trip to House of Boom last Friday. After a career talk, question and answer session and a tour of the facility, they had a chance to bounce around!
Teacher Updates
Mrs. Beach
  • Math: Conversion unit complete. Nice work being able to show understanding on test! STAR testing on Tuesday.
  • Literacy: Students are signed up for No Red Ink and will be using daily for the remainder of the year. Comprehension check over "The Youngest Doll" on Monday. Finishing Vocab Review 7-9 this week.
  • Economics: Figuring out the supply and demand for our small business venture. Determining our next steps. Identifying needs and resources.
  • Biology: Studying function and location of 11 parts of the cow's eye. Working to pass skills test prior to dissection lab.
Ms. Finn
  • Math: Students are finishing up inequalities and square root radicals. They are rocking it!
  • Literacy: We are done with Dracula! Test over Dracula will be sometime next week. Check msfinnsclassinfo.weebly.com for more specific updates over the weekend!
  • American Govt: Test over the 50 states and westward expansion was this Thursday.
  • Science: We are doing rock labs this week and waiting for a warm day to build our ecosystem in a jar!
Mr. Harris
  • School to Work: The 9th graders found out what it was like to work in various positions at the Kentucky Science Center Friday. Well done to the 12th graders, as they all successfully registered with the SummerWorks program this week.
Mrs. Hoagland
  • Math: We are investigating lines of symmetry, areas of irregular shapes, grids, exponents and square roots. Next week: metric measurement and statistics.
  • Literacy: completing poetry booklets, creating Random Acts of Kindness Valentine cards, exploring Black History Month by analyzing the poems of various African American poets, and, looking at their point of view in writing.
  • Health: relating personal health to random acts of kindness, introduction to Chapter 8/The Family.
  • Practical Living: housekeeping jobs completed, participation in the Random Act of Kindness project, budgeting activities, recycling
  • Physical Science: test over Chapter 7: Motion. Great results! Beginning chapter on Work on Simple Machines.
Ms. Miller
  • Math: Examining number sets, this week was range, mode and median. Next week we will review mean, and then practice finding all four data points from the same number sets.
  • Literacy: We edited and revised essays this week. Next week we will review and look at examples of a variety of literary terms. Daily reading continues, most students are on their second book.
  • Spanish 1 & 2 : Both classes are using Duolingo daily to build vocabulary. Spanish 1 will continue to focus on time and schedule related words. Spanish 2 will identify language they recognize in Latino music, commercials and video clips.
  • Senior Seminar: We continue to look at and discuss various aspects of living on your own for the first time. The students have requested that we talk about finding and applying to trade schools and other adult learning opportunities, which we will do next week.
As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

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