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October 12 , 2018
Welcome back to High School Highlights; a weekly wrap-up of events, designed especially for high school parents and students at Summit Academy, to help keep you in the know. The High School will be going on a field trip to see Frankenstein at Stage One later this month. Check out the October calendar below to be sure your calendar is up to date!
Save the Date!
10/19: No School
10/19: Jr. parents and students meet with Balfour representatives for class ring information and sizing - conference room, 6:30-7
10/19: Fall Social for grades 9-12, 7-10 PM in Summit Cafeteria: Halloween-themed dance
10/25: Mountaintop Breakfast 8 a.m.
10/25: Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences - Seniors 3:15-6:15
10/25: Parent Forum on Transition 7-9 PM Summit Auditorium
10/26: Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences - all grades - 8 a.m. -6 PM
10/28: Harlem Wizards Basketball fundraiser and Social Event 3-6 PM Ramsey Middle School
* 10/31: Field trip to Stage One to see Frankenstein - leave Summit 11:15
11/8: Sr. Pictures

Thank you to those of you who have signed up for parent/teacher/student conferences! We are looking forward to seeing all of you on 10/25 and 10/26. If you haven't signed up yet, there are still slots available. You may click on the link below to sign up:

Conferences will be held in Rooms 300 and 301 this year.

Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee met again on Wednesday. In attendance were students Alexandra, Zach, Angelina, Alex and David, along with Mrs. Mounkes and Mrs. Beach. The students spent their time discussing the social activities that had been suggested at the last meeting and selecting dates on the calendar to have these events. At this time, the Student Activities Committee is excited to announce the following events:

10/19 Fall Social 7-10 Summit Academy Cafeteria
10/28 Harlem Wizards Bball Game 3-6 Ramsey Middle
11/12 House of Boom 3:30-5:30
1/12 Main Event - bowling 3:00
2/2 Girl's Lock-in 5 PM-9 a.m. Sierra House
2/9 Boy's Lock-in 5 PM-9 a.m. Sierra House

Student Spotlight: Alexandra

Alexandra is a Senior at Summit. She is a very hardworking student, who gets her work done on time and is always willing to help out in the classroom. She is an excellent friend, who is always concerned about the feelings and well being of those around her. In fact, each day in the cafeteria, she makes it a point to invite any student who may be sitting by themselves to come and sit with her, or she goes and sits with them. She is the most tolerant and welcoming of students! Way to be a leader, Alexandra!
Summit Academy Parent Forum: College and Career Transition Programs

Mark your calendars for 10/25 from 7-9 PM and plan on attending an evening with speakers representing a sampling of college and career transition programs. Each representative will provide a summary of their program and disseminate literature to interested parents. There will also be time for a Q&A session with representatives from all of the programs during the last portion of the evening.

Who's Coming?
  • University of Cincinnati Transition and Access Program (TAP)
Jan Goings, Transition Program Director

  • College Internship Program (CIP) - Bloomington
Ashley Sullivan, Admissions Coordinator

  • College Living Experience (CLE)
Stephanie Dekker, National Program Director

  • Pre-Employment Transition Specialist serving Kentucky's 16 community colleges
Matthew Wilson, transition specialist

  • Summit Academy Auditorium

RSVP: sbeach@summit-academy.org **

**RSVPs are not a requirement, but are helpful so that each program has prepared enough parent packets. Students will have a chance to meet with program reps during the school day.
Teacher Updates
Mrs. Beach
  • Math: Fantastic job this week with money skills using bills. Next week we will incorporate coins as well as Beach Bank opens its doors. All money skills are practiced in class, so there will NOT be homework in Math next week.
  • Literacy: The students are digging deep to read between the lines in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. This week they used their creative juices to write a Haiku poem from the perspective of one of the Volgons. They should have Ch. 7 read by Monday and there will be a comprehension check. Vocabulary Unit 5 will be the focus of classwork and writing this week in class, with the quiz on Thursday.
  • Economics: Students have been working on creating a visual representation of what Economics means. They started by making a mind map and are now creating symbols and pictures to represent their meaning.
  • Biology: Excellent job on Animoto presentations! It was fascinating to learn about the vertebrates and invertebrates that the students chose through this creative medium. We are now creating a quiz based on facts from each student's video. Study guide will be ready Monday, with quiz on Wednesday.

I will be out of town Tuesday - Thursday. Mr. Beach will be subbing. I will be able to answer emails should you have any questions or concerns.
Ms. Finn
Please check my website for updates about what your student is doing in class this week, homework assignments, upcoming tests or quizzes, and exciting news about my classroom. https://msfinnsclassinfo.weebly.com

  • Math: We have begun working on our percentages unit with some students. Others are just finishing up their decimals unit.
  • Literacy: We are continuing to work our way through Key Projects and Dracula. Ask your child about their key project and encourage them to work on Key Projects at home as well as in class.
  • Science: We are working on an annotated bibliography as a content literacy project.
  • American Govt: We just took our branches of government test.
Thank you, and have a good weekend.
Mr. Harris
School to Work: Maggie and Zach got a great report from the KY Science Center! I was told how they are both extremely polite, hardworking and knowledgeable. Both Maggie and Zach go out of their way to ensure every guest has a great visit to the Center. The Summit team are very proud of you both.
Mrs. Hoagland
Great week!

  • Math: Practice and more practice adding fractions, interpreting data and creating bar graphs. Next week - subtracting fractions.
  • Literacy: Reading fables and identifying the moral, writing the first drafts of our friendly letters, continuing our "word of the day" vocab and identifying adjectives. All of us have enjoyed our quiet reading time with our novels.
  • Health: Awesome group presentations on the skeletal system and muscular system. Building skeletons and locating the three muscle types. Next week- nervous system and the sense organs.
  • Practical Living: Independent living jobs completed on schedule, consumer insights and team building skills.
  • Physical Science: atoms, protons, electrons, neutrons. Building atoms and identifying them according to their atomic number and atomic mass. Next week- examining the Periodic Table.

Ms. Miller
  • Math: We continue to work with money, decimals, and place value. Next week we will be using Khan Academy to supplement our lessons on decimals, and we will be focusing on exchanging money to make like amounts (2 quarters=___dimes).
  • Literacy: This week we spent a lot of time honing our writing skills and focusing on how to write a well organized paragraph. Next week we will wrap up our study of Ancient Greece, continue to practice our writing, and have a test over this unit on Thursday.
  • Spanish 1: Good scores on our quiz this week! Next week we will continue to build our foundation of basic vocabulary as we work on our listening and speaking skills.
  • Spanish 2: Great presentations this week! Next week we will continue to focus on using adjectives (and correct placement) to enhance our written and oral statements.
  • Senior Seminar: The students have really enjoyed sculpting and painting this week! Next week we will focus on the 7 elements of music. Students should complete their part of our class slideshow on famous artists by Monday.
As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

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