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Eva Winer High School
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March 16, 2020
19 Adar 5780
Dear High School Parents:
We pray for rachamei shomayim in this unprecedented situation.
We hope to be able to forward a learning plan for this week some time tomorrow. We respectfully request that students who know of a friend who does not receive email should kindly share email information with her. All emails sent will also be available in hard copy to be picked up at school. Copies will be placed outside the building, as the building will be off limits to students. All communications will also be available on the Bais Yaakov Website
For now, we have arranged for tomorrow, Monday, four optional phone shiurim by our faculty that students can listen to, each one approximately 30-35 minutes in duration:

Dial-in Number
Access Code:
Reference Code:
Rabbi Shapiro
Hagadah Shel Pesach
Rabbi Goldfeiz
Hilchos Pesach and Hagadah
Rabbi Wax
Inyana D'Yoma
Mrs. Rabenstein
Inyana D'Yoma

Instructions to access phone shiurim:
  1. Dial the appropriate dial-in number.
  2. When prompted, dial the access code and then the reference code.
The first priority at this time, of course, is for students to be helpful at home in every possible way. We remind students of our wonderful  "Chap-a-Chessed" G'mach program, designed specifically for this time period.
As well, we remind everyone of our most ambitious, school-wide goal of completing all of Sefer Tehilim 1,000 times over the next two weeks. Students who are able to should recite twenty perakim daily in order to complete Tehilim at least one time each week. The more the better! (It is best to say Tehilim between pre-dawn hours and sunset, but one may say Tehilim at night if she (he) missed a daily quota or would otherwise be idle.) Parents and teachers are welcome to join this project- and keep count, so we can tabulate our numbers upon our return to school!
We look forward to communicating with everyone tomorrow.
The High School Administration