This is our monthly email that helps to communicate about the hiring process of the High School Pastor.
Dear Parents,

In an effort to keep you updated on where we are in the hiring process for our next High School Pastor, I want to start by saying that we are seeing God's hand as we wait. Since our last update we had a candidate and his family come visit Westover and interview with a couple different teams. Shortly after interviewing this candidate self-selected out. Rather than being discouraged by this, I am encouraged that God is clearly closing doors as He is directing us to the right person. We have another candidate coming in town from Tennessee this weekend for a face-to-face interview. As we did before, we are asking the Lord for wisdom and discernment. We would love it if you would continue to pray with us. Additionally, we have two other candidates that we are interviewing by phone this week. If God directs us toward next steps with either of these candidates we will certainly let you all know. I'm trusting that the Lord is honored by our patience and dependence on Him during this season. Please don't hesitate to reach out with specific questions.


Aaron Riddle
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