Be sure to scroll to the end to see some AMAZING photos at a recent LFP photo shoot!
High School Season Survival Tips
High school practices and scrimmages are in full swing!!!
Here are some tips to not just surviving your High School Season, but dominating it!

  1. Be the hardest working member of the team.
  2. If you're early you're on time! If you're on time you're late! Always be early for practice and games.
  3. Set your goals high, write them down and get your teammates to join you!
  4. Avoid the drama - the only drama that exists is the drama you participate in!
  5. Be kind - many of the girls you play with do not play all year round. No one wants to make mistakes - so be encouraging and understanding.
College softball is in full swing and we are rooting on all the LFP ladies who are playing this season! We're so proud of you!

For those who LOVE watching college softball as much as we do here is some must see tv:
  • 5 Florida at No. 10 LSU Series on SEC Network (March17-18)
  • 10 LSU at No. 7 Georgia on ESPN (March 24)
  • 12 Arkansas at No. 8 Tennessee Series on SEC Network & ESPNU (March 22-24)
  • 2 Washington at Oregon on ESPN (March 23)
  • 21 Oklahoma State at No. 19 Baylor on ESPN2 (March 24)
  • 12 Arizona State at No. 6 Arizona on ESPN2 (March 31)
  • 3 Florida State at No. 5 Florida on ESPN2 (April 3)
  • 1 UCLA at No. 12 Arizona State on ESPN2 (April 6)
  • 19 Baylor at No. 4 Oklahoma on ESPN (April 6)
  • 5 Florida at No. 3 Florida State on ESPN2 (April 17)
  • 4 Oklahoma at No. 16 Texas Series on LHN (April 18-20)
  • 7 Georgia at No. 9 South Carolina Series ESPN2 & SEC Network (April 26-28)
  • 19 Baylor at No. 16 Texas (May 5) on LHN
The Simulator has ARRIVED!
The closest thing to live hitting, other than live hitting!

How does it work?
A pitcher is projected onto a large screen and the ball comes right out her hand. We currently have 4 pitchers to choose from and will be adding more!

What does it do?
The pitchers throw up to 70mph as well as movement and offspeed pitches!

How much will it cost?
Members $35 for a half hour and $55 for an hour.
Non-Members $40 for a half hour and $60 for an hour!

When is it available!?
The simulator will be up and running this week! Will send an email and announce on social media when you can sign up online or on the app!

How do I sign up!?
Online or on the app - in the menu find cage rentals and select Simulator! Or you can always call!!

Can I bring my team?
Absolutely! Only 1 batter allowed in the cage at a time though so we recommend having the team come in small groups.
Method Sports and Fitness
Method is offering special pricing for LFP Parents! Morning hours at Method are reserved for adults.

Method's workouts are individualized so whether you are working to lose weight or get strong, we can help you reach your goals! Call 440.353.0131 for a FREE workout and Evaluation!
Noteable: A Letter from Amie
Hello everyone! Just wanted to thank you for trusting us with your instruction and being a part of Leffew Fastpitch! We have had record attendance this year and a lot of ladies who are setting their own personal records! The hard work and talent that walks through our doors on a daily basis astounds me!! We are so very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you!

Be sure to continue scrolling to check out some of the AMAZING photos from a recent photo shoot at LFP by Amber Sours Photography!!!!

Shout out to all our College and High School athletes - wishing you the best of luck this season! We're your biggest fans!!!!

For all our younger athletes, your season is right around the corner!!! Time to up the frequency of your personal practice sessions! Carve out some time everyday to making yourself the best player you can be, for you and for your teammates!!!

See you all at LFP soon!!!!

Amie OBrien
Leffew Fastpitch