June 2017 
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Oil Filter Exchange and Recycling Event
July 22, 2017
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
15273 Bear Valley Rd.
Hesperia, CA 92345
 Faucet Fact:
More than 30 percent of all household water consumption occurs outdoors when watering yards and gardens.  To cut back on the amount of water used on a regular basis, you can plant water wise plants that require little water and thrive in the desert climate.
Stormwater Shoutout!

Congratulations to our Stormwater Smart Stencil contest winners, Sage Plata, Cassondra Tillman and Jasmine Rodriguez! Your designs are fantastic!

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The High Desert Droplet is an educational resource for stormwater pollution prevention. Each month we'll bring you local and national stormwater news, useful at-home tips for prevention, updates on MRWG's school and community outreach, fun facts, and more!

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High Desert Students Stormwater Smart Stencil Contest
Stormwater Smart Stencil Winners from left to right pictured with CC the Stormwater Trooper: Sage Plata, Cassondra Tillman and Jasmine Rodriguez

High Desert high school students interested in art or environmental/ecological sciences were invited to participate in the Mojave River Watershed Group's Stormwater Smart Stencil Contest. In this competition, students submitted their own original designs that incorporated a "Don't Mess With Our Mojave" or "Pollution Free Mojave" theme.
Sage Plata, a junior at Hesperia High School and Cassondra Tillman, a sophomore at Apple Valley High School tied for first place. Jasmine Rodriguez, a senior at Hesperia High School won second place.
Plata's detailed design illustrated that pollution that enters the Mojave River Watershed negatively affects our drinking water. Tillman's stencil was a water droplet shaded with sunset colors to represent the desert environment with the message "Don't Mess With Our Mojave" to enforce the need to protect our watershed. Rodriguez used digital artwork to highlight the consequence of irresponsible bug spray use, which can seep into our watershed through the soil or stormwater runoff.
Plata and Tillman received matted and framed artwork donated by CaliforniART, art supplies from DeeDee's Hobby Emporium and a $300 cash prize from MRWG. Rodriguez received a $150 cash prize from MRWG and a gift card to DeeDee's Hobby Emporium.
In addition to these prizes, the first place winner's designs will be displayed near high pollution areas in the High Desert. All three designs are proudly displayed at five locations throughout the High Desert including: Apple Valley Town Hall, Apple Valley Unified School District, Mariposa Lodge, Spring Valley Lake Community Center, and the Victorville City Hall. Our public outreach team also presented these display boards to the City of Hesperia City Council and have an upcoming presentation with the Town of Apple Valley City Council on June 27.
Congratulations again to all of the winners! We hope their stormwater savvy artwork will encourage residents to be mindful of protecting the Mojave River Watershed from litter and pollution.

Summer is Here, Repel Those Ants to Be in the Clear

The summer season is just around the corner and we know the warm weather can bring out insects, such as ants, that are a nuisance to have around the house. Before bringing out the bug spray, consider an eco-friendly way to repel insects. Eco-friendly methods prevent toxic chemicals found in pesticides from absorbing into the Mojave River Watershed, which is our main source of drinking water in the High Desert.

In a recent Water Tip Wednesday video, our team demonstrated an easy DIY ant repellent.
All you need is:
  • 8oz. spray bottle
  • Water
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Orange essential oil 
  • Cotton balls

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