Dear Families,

We hope that you are taking good care. Here are a few updates and reminders about this week and the distance learning plan for the next couple weeks. You will continue to receive school-wide updates from our Head of School, Josh Brody. 

Please review this email with your child today. This will ensure that students have all of the correct information. 


Morning Meeting 
is such an important part of our school culture and we are working on a plan for upcoming meetings. On Thursdays, we will continue with our Senior Talking Leaf presentations via video conference. Students will receive a link to attend one of the presentations for this Thursday, as well as on upcoming Thursdays.

Advisory  will continue on Mondays and Wednesdays. This is an important time to see how everyone is doing, to connect socially and to have a little fun. 

Clubs , which take place on Thursdays, are also important to many students. We are still working on a plan to see if we can continue to host those meetings. 

Stewardship  will meet during the regular Friday slot from 11:10 - 11:40. The faculty/staff sponsor will send out the Zoom meeting link. 

SIP will meet at the regular slot, but the session will be shortened from 1:00 - 2:25 PM. We are working to arrange virtual visits with community partners for 9th and 10th graders, and we're supporting 11th and 12th graders doing Impact Projects to arrange their own meetings. 

Students should have downloaded the  appropriate Zoom installer , which will allow them to access the video class meetings. Students who do not have reliable internet access at home should contact the Dean of Students, Viviana Palacio,, or the High School Director, Marc Alongi, to discuss a plan tomorrow. 

  • Monday, 3/16 | Campus closed (no classes)
     staff in-service day to continue working on our distance learning curriculum
  • Tuesday, 3/17 | Continue with online classes. 
    • No Morning Meeting. We are working on a plan to host Morning Meeting soon.
    • Office Hours will take place during Advisory time. Follow the personal Zoom meeting link.
  • Wednesday, 3/18 | Our Student-led Conferences scheduled for Wednesday will be held online via Zoom. You will receive a link from your child's Advisor today or tomorrow. If you need to dial-in by phone, please let the Advisor know today and they will send you a link with a dial-in option.
  • Thursday & Friday, 3/19-20 | Continue with online classes.  
Let us know if there's anything we can do to support you. 


Marc Alongi
High School Director

UPDATE: Each teacher will post a personalized Zoom link to the class Bulletin Board on the Family Portal. 

It is important that families contact Debbie Deems via email,, if your child is sick and unable to attend online classes.

As stated in our Student Handbook, we require 85% attendance for students to be eligible for credit in a course. We will continue to take attendance during distance learning. Students below that percentage for a particular course may not be eligible for credit. As always, the school will take into consideration the nature of specific absences and may excuse them. If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Deems,  

In addition to what is articulated in the Student Handbook, students will be held to the Technology Acceptable Use agreement they signed at the beginning of the year. Other important norms for online learning include but are not limited to:
  • Be present and put away all other distractions (phones, video games, etc.)
  • Be on time (you will be marked tardy). 
  • Come prepared with all that you need to learn (charged computer, reading, supplies, etc.)
  • Sit at a table during your online class. This will allow for increased focused, workspace and will minimize distractions to others.
  • Ask for consent before taking screenshots or recording.
Assignments for each class will be posted in the student's gradebook. Your child already has access to that gradebook. There they will see how the assignment addresses any of the course Learning Outcomes (LOs), and once submitted and evaluated, what feedback they have for each LO. 

Students are expected to submit assignments according to the instructions for the course. 

Office Hours will continue to be available for students during distance learning. Students will be able to find an Appointment Slots calendar on each course Bulletin Board (that's the homepage for each course). The appointment slots calendar shows students available times to schedule a meeting with a teacher, and with a single click, students can schedule a meeting.

Students who need  technology support can do so by emailing Our technology team is also able to assist with issues remotely. 

Our Student Support Coordinator, Carolina Arango, will continue to work individually with students who have individualized plans. 

For any student needing additional emotional support, our Social & Emotional Learning specialist, Anais Plasketes, is available for individual appointments as well. Her Appointment Slots page is under Social & Emotional Support in the HS Student Resource Center on the Family Portal. 

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