AAARRR you ready for another 
High Seas Rally Full Ship Charter in 2019!!!
The 2019 website is now ready for viewing...
You cannot begin registration until opening day...Saturday May 5, 2018 
at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time.


Of course there will be a few additions, changes in activities, parties and events over the next year or so as we dial in a few refinements from last year's ship & itinerary.
New Additional Prizes for 2019...

On top of our usual Quarter Million in CASH & PRIZES given away during each of our cruises, we're offering an additional $50,000 GIVEAWAY of onboard ship credits the 1st night of the cruise!!!

You read that right! The 1 st night of the cruise, there could be 100 winners drawn from our passenger prize drum for a $500 onboard ship credit toward Royal Caribbean shore excursions, drink packages, specialty dining, spas, casino, internet...whatever the ship has to offer the week of our cruise.

To qualify to be a winner if drawn: You must have already  pre-booked online  before you board the ship a minimum $500 with Royal Caribbean for such items mentioned above .   Your worst cabin odds of winning are approx. 1 in 10 by # of cabins on the ship. The winners $500 Ship Credit is good toward any NEW ADDITIONAL Royal Caribbean purchases pertaining to our cruise week. You don't spend the loose it. To recap. You pre-book a minimum of $500 with RCCL before you board, if your name is drawn first night of the cruise, you get $500 MORE to spend credited to your account the next day for anything the ship offers during our cruise week.

To make this giveaway possible, only 1 thing MUST happen...
  • Cruise cabins must sell out within 30 days of opening cabin sales date like our last cruise did. Should be no problem since we already have a 500 + passenger head start from those that pre-booked during those few short registration hours while onboard the 2017 cruise, so get your friends ready!
  • If we sell out the 1st week...we may even up the # of winners!!!
Speaking of upping the winnings....

We've also increased our $4,000 CASH winner of the Early Bird Cabin Pay Off to  $5,000 CASH  & our Virgin Bounty recruiter WINNER from $1,000 to  $2,000 CASH. 

Click Here   for more info on all the Giveaways.

With our 50/50, Cash Raffles and Vendor Prizes totals... we're shootin for $100,000 in giveaways the very 1st night!

No change in our (2) $20,000 GRAND PRIZE MONEY winners drawn on the last day of the cruise.
The 2017 High Seas Rally Cruise Review Video is now available for viewing by clicking on the image below...
DVD's have become about as dated as cassettes so we've decided to just "get with the times" and place the video on You Tube so that now everyone can see it and no more having to loan your DVD out to friends & family.
This video link is also available on the front page of the 2019 High Seas Rally Website.
More tips next newsletter about how to register quickly when the website opens and options if your cabin category is already sold out.