The new millimeter wave ADA-2052 active doubler will frequency extend your <26 GHz synthesizer up to 52 GHz with high output power and high harmonic suppressions.

+20 dBm output power is provided over 30 to 52 GHz, and at least +16 dBm from 20 to 30 GHz, with an input from -6 to +2 dBm. 
This high performance GaAs MMIC chipset consists of:

• ADM-5974CH input buffer amplifier
• MMD-2060HCH doubler
• AMM-6702CH output buffer amplifier

The ADA-2052  is a RoHS connectorized module ideal for lab use, test and measurement, and prototype systems.
Tiny MMIC Filters for X-Band thru Ka-Band
Short on real estate but need to knock down spurs or wideband noise? Marki Microwaves latest GaAs MMIC filters are an excellent space-saving alternative to ceramic or cavity filters. 

7 new bandpass filters are being introduced as bare die ranging from a centre frequency of 11 GHz up to an Fc of 34.75 GHz. 

Bandwidths range from 2 to 10 GHz with excellent passband return loss. These are available today. Surface mount or connectorized solutions will be considered for volume applications.

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