High Temperature Thickness Gauging with EMAT
Thickness measurement at elevated temperatures is a special category. Standard transducers are not designed to withstand elevated temperatures and will get damaged/destroyed due to varying thermal expansion coefficients of the materials used to construct them. Variation in material temperature affects sound velocity and accuracy of thickness measurements.

We use PowerBox H from M/s. Innerspec Technologies Inc., USA to offer high temperature thickness gauging. PowerBox H works on EMAT Principle were thickness gauging is done without couplant as a result the system is c apable of performing thickness gauging in temperatures from -30ºC to 650ºC with no active cooling.

Partial list of satisfied customers:
- Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Panipat Refinery
- Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haldia Refinery
- ONGC-Mangalore Petrochemical Refinery, Mangalore
- Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Vizag
- Finolex Industries Limited, Ratnagiri 

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