JANUARY 26, 2020


Recent high-impact publications from Rogel Cancer Center members.

Publications from members of the Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention & Health Behavior and Outcomes programs
Rubenstein, J. H.; Jiang, L.; Kurlander, J. E.; Chen, J.; Metko, V.; Khodadost, M.; Nofz, K.; Raghunathan, T. Incomplete Response of Gastroesophageal Reflux Symptoms Poorly Predicts Erosive Esophagitis or Barrett's Esophagus. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol (2020) PMID: 32835843.

Lee, A. W.; Rosenzweig, S.; Wiensch, A.; Ramus, S. J.; Menon, U.; Gentry-Maharaj, A.; Ziogas, A.; Anton-Culver, H.; Whittemore, A. S.; Sieh, W.; Rothstein, J. H.; McGuire, V.; Wentzensen, N.; Bandera, E. V.; Qin, B.; Terry, K. L.; Cramer, D. W.; Titus, L.; Schildkraut, J. M.; Berchuck, A.; Goode, E. L.; Kjaer, S. K.; Jensen, A.; Jordan, S. J.; Ness, R. B.; Modugno, F.; Moysich, K.; Thompson, P. J.; Goodman, M. T.; Carney, M. E.; Chang-Claude, J.; Rossing, M. A.; Harris, H. R.; Doherty, J. A.; Risch, H. A.; Khoja, L.; Alimujiang, A.; Phung, M. T.; Brieger, K.; Mukherjee, B.; Pharoah, P. D. P.; Wu, A. H.; Pike, M. C.; Webb, P. M.; Pearce, C. L. Expanding our understanding of ovarian cancer risk: the role of incomplete pregnancies. J Natl Cancer Inst (2020) PMID: 32766851.
Gharzai, L. A.; Resnicow, K.; An, L. C.; Jagsi, R. Perspectives on Oncology-Specific Language During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study. JAMA Oncol (2020) PMID: 32761102. PMCID: PMC7411932.
8 Cancer Care Hurdles Amid the Pandemic and How Patients are Reacting to them
Lok, A. S.; Perrillo, R.; Lalama, C. M.; Fried, M. W.; Belle, S. H.; Ghany, M. G.; Khalili, M.; Fontana, R. J.; Sterling, R. K.; Terrault, N.; Feld, J. J.; Di Bisceglie, A. M.; Lau, D. T. Y.; Hassan, M.; Janssen, H. L. A. medLow Incidence of Adverse Outcomes in Adults with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection in the Era of Antiviral Therapy. Hepatology (2020) PMID: 32936969.

Evans-Polce, R. J.; Kcomt, L.; Veliz, P. T.; Boyd, C. J.; McCabe, S. E. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders and Associations With Sexual Identity and Stress-Related Correlates. Am J Psychiatry (2020) PMID: 32911997. PMCID: PMC7606786
Far more LGBTQ individuals with substance abuse issues also have a comorbid psychiatric disorder compared with heterosexual peers. 
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