Rain, Rain, and More Rain

With approximately 6" of rain falling in Cannon Township over the last few days the lake level has risen! We are monitoring the current lake level situation which is approximately 5" higher than the planned target level. The lake is currently self draining as designed due to the fact that it's about 2/10th of a foot over our newly set weir in accordance to the new legal max lake level. Today's lake level is approximately 6 inches lower than the highest point the lake reached last year. Once the rain stops and we return to warm weather, blue sky's and sunshine the lake will recede quite rapidly. According to our monitoring devices it already has receded approximately 1" in the last 12 hours and will continue to due so especially with the help of the newly set overflow and evaporation.

We will continue to actively monitor this situation.

We kindly ask that you are respectful to your neighbors with lakefront property as wakes can be more damaging with this higher water level.

Education - Cooperation

Controlling Your Wake

Wake is the wave a boat generates as it moves through the water. The wake disperses an amount of energy based on the boat's speed and the amount of water the boat displaces. The wake created by a boat may endange´╗┐r others. A boat's wake may rock, swamp, or capsize other boats.´╗┐

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100 foot rule - obey it! Please!

Michigan Marine Law & Boater Safety

1. Persons under 12 years old operating motorboats:* Have been issued a boating safety certificate and have it on board the vessel,* Must be under the direct supervision of a person16 years of age or older; and,* The boat must have no more than 35 HP. 2.

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