An Update on Highfields' Residential Treatment Program
Fall 2015 - In This Issue:

"It's great to get parents engaged and talking about parenting skills." 

- Mr. Jurasek on Highfields' Family Treatment Weekend
Residential student Zaylen takes a break from ping pong to talk during Highfields' Family Treatment Weekend. 

Read story below: Families Reconnect Over Family Treatment Weekend

Highfields Exceeds Education Expectations
Residential Student Noah reads out of a textbook during class at Malcolm Williams School

   Over the past 10 years, the State of Michigan has made a lot of changes to the graduation requirements for students in Michigan schools. Highfields' on-campus school, Malcolm Williams School (MWS) as part of Ingham ISD has risen to the challenge of aligning their courses with the required standards.
   There are three full-time teachers at MWS who all meet the Highly Qualified standards, indicating their level of knowledge to teach their assigned content areas. Two of the teachers at MWS have taught there for over 22 years. 
   Throughout the years, many of the students they have seen have had a history of school challenges - whether they are functioning below grade level, or behind in credits. However, the teachers overcome these obstacles by providing direct instruction for students who are at or below a 9th or 10th grade level credit-wise. In doing this, they have seen positive results. 
"Our kids are getting credit from real people in real classes ."
- Brian Philson, CEO/President of Highfields
Gym Renovated In Time For Basketball Season
Residential students Devinci Dumas and Isaac Wheatley (below) wear the new basketball uniforms on Highfields' Onondaga Campus.
   The gymnasium
located on Highfields' Onondaga Campus has received a face-lift over the past few months. 
   Thanks to the support of our donors, the gym has been updated with a new floor, paint, lights, and more. 
   The final renovations to take place include installing a new sound system, bleachers, wall paneling, insulation, and plumbing improvements.   
   Highfields has recently grants from the REO Olds Foundation and Joe E. Pentecost Foundation to fund these final gym renovations!
FamiliesFamilies Reconnect Over Family Treatment Weekend
    Over the weekend of September 25 - 27, Highfields organized its final Family Treatment Weekend of the year at the Onondaga Campus.
   This weekend, four families were able to participate! Parents, siblings, and loved ones journeyed to Highfields' campus to attend the Family Treatment Weekend.
   The activities began Friday night and lasted until Sunday morning. On Friday, the residential staff organized a trip to the local bowling alley with pizza and pop for the families. Everyone had a great time bowling and playing arcade games, and a few families stayed on campus overnight. 
For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

Brian Philson
(517) 628-2287 ex. 371

Derek Hitchcock
Director of Residential Services
(517) 628-2287 ex. 323

Julie Duffey
Intake Coordinator
(517) 628-2287 ex. 321