An Update on Highfields' Residential Treatment Program
Spring 2015 - In This Issue:

"To be honest, I love Highfields.
Mr. Jurasek has been driving my client to all family sessions due to the family not having transportation. He is also willing to take my client home to help learn the bus routes for once he returns.
I have to say, they provide services that our families really need."
- Jennifer Hawley, Juvenile Justice Specialist
Coach Vamario Allen awards basketball player Rhishy with the Sportsmanship Award at the Highfields Basketball Awards Ceremony.

Relief Found at Highfields
Chris, Highfields Substance Abuse Counselor, with his student, Noah, on Highfields' Onondaga Campus.

   Noah is a smart young man. He could see that his marijuana use was a big factor in why he got into trouble. He could also see that if he continued his drug use, it would lead to bigger, more devastating consequences.

   Noah was placed in Highfields' Residential Treatment Program this winter. At first, he felt depressed and angry. What Noah didn't know was that, as the decision of his placement was being made, Highfields was making some critical changes that would greatly help him.


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"I like making connections with the youth that we serve and seeing changes in them, even if it's gradual or incremental. I like being able to feel that we've played a role to help them along their path."
-Chris Horton, Highfields Substance Abuse Counselor

Phoenix Success
Below, Dominick his happy to be back home with his father, Dennis.
When Dominick got into trouble, his father, Dennis was worried. He didn't want his son to be far away from his family; two of Dennis's other children had been placed at Boys Town in Nebraska - too far for him to visit. So when Dominick was placed at Highfields, he knew things would be different.

MAAA Gives Opportunities to Students
   When a teenage boy is faced with disappointment, it's not always easy to keep composure. When you add a history of anger outbursts and problems with authority, you might expect an upsetting outcome.
   But when Highfields' Residential Treatment Program basketball team lost the Michigan Alternative Athletic Association basketball tournament, the boys were the picture of model behavior.
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