Spring 2017 - In This Issue:

"One of the biggest opportunities I have is getting help from the staff and my peers in support groups. Everyone expresses their feelings and people can relate to you in here. Certain people - even staff - have been through the same stuff!"

- Jermaine
Coach Matt Rau took students to compete in the Gus Macker basketball tournament in Mount Pleasant. 

Derek Hitchcock
Farewell Letter:

   Thirty-four years with the Michigan Dept. of Human Services led me to think I truly understood the profession of Juvenile Justice in this state. When the opportunity to work for Highfields came to me 5 years ago, I expected to continue to lead status quo programming. Boy, was I in for a surprise. While there are many similarities in residential programming across the state, I knew on day one I had landed somewhere very different.
   The setting of a beautiful autumn-colored campus was in stark contrast to the institutional settings I had worked in previously. Staff members who took me in, guided me gently, and looked out for me like family, were also a new experience. The program, strictly focused on what was best for our client youth, awakened feelings of pride and passion that had gone dormant in me. I knew I was in a special place.

Welcome Chris
   Hello!  I am pleased to be named Highfields' new Residential Director. I am both humbled and honored by the trust that Highfields has placed in me.  I have been with Highfields since 2010 and it has been a pleasure to watch the program develop and progress under the leadership of our retiring Director, Derek Hitchcock.

   Growing up as an at-risk youth myself, I understand how the need for support and guidance in a youth's life cannot be overestimated. It continues to be a personal motivation of mine to make sure that Highfields' residential program provides that service with the highest quality and in the most effective way possible. 

   In the months ahead, I look forward to becoming more acquainted with other advocates and leaders of the Michigan's juvenile justice system to further collaborate on serving our youth and families.

Chris Robinson
Director of Residential Services
Highfields, Inc.
(517) 628-2287 x344
A Routine That Works
Structure gives kids a sense of security and helps them develop self-discipline. That's why Highfields encourages a daily routine to help students like Jermaine succeed in the program.

   When Jermaine started his treatment at Highfields one thing stood out to him the most: the structure.
   "Highfields has more structure in place for students," he said. "After school, our time is scheduled with group sessions, work, and activities. It's not like that at other placements."
   Jermaine explains that other residential treatment facilities give students more free time, but that isn't very beneficial in the long run.
   "It's not even placement, it's more like camp with consequences," he said.
   Jermaine needs a place with structure. It's something that he struggled with at home and at school.

School's (Almost) Out For Summer! Now What?
Summer opportunities at Highfields keep kids on the right track. 

      Summertime can be a nightmare for working parents. Why? While parents work all day, their kids are at home with nothing to do. Parents of at-risk kids worry about the dangers of "nothing to do" turning into drugs, parties, and other bad choices.
     Thankfully, Highfields is prepared for the summertime "nightmare." Our residential team develops a schedule of activities, vocational programs, off campus outings and work opportunities to keep students busy while they are out of school.
      One of the most exciting activities of the summer is taking kids to "Tour Michigan." For the past three summers, Highfields has taken students all over the state of Michigan to give them exposure to things that they might not otherwise perience. In the past, they've toured Henry Ford Museum, Grand Rapids colleges, factories, and even attended Detroit Tigers games!
      "Our summer program is designed to not only keep these young men out of trouble, but also to develop social skills and resilience that will aid them in their futures," said Chris Robinson, Director of Residential Services.          

For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

Brian Philson
(517) 628-2287 ex. 371

Derek Hitchcock
Director of Residential Services
(517) 628-2287 ex. 323

Chris Robinson
Director of Residential Services
(517) 628-2287 x344

Julie Duffey
Intake Coordinator
(517) 628-2287 ex. 321