March 18, 2020
Finding Light in the Darkness

During times of uncertainty it is easy to let fear creep in around us – health concerns, closure worries, economic uncertainties, and the list goes on. As I tell my kids, when things happen that are out of our control, we can choose to worry, fear, and complain, or we can choose to do our part in making the best of the situation.

Over the past several days I have watched the Mars Hill community rally together and make the best of our current situation. Teachers have worked together to build online classes in record time, and families are encouraging each other, at a distance, in sharing ideas and asking where they can help. I am so thankful to be a part of such a caring community.

Through all this, no matter how long the coronavirus is a concern, it is comforting to remind ourselves we know the true and living God, who is sovereign over all. We know that all things work together for His glory, and we can rest in His promises. The coronavirus and its impact are no surprise to the Lord.

And let us be reminded that throughout history we see how the Lord has used persecution and trials to spread the Gospel. Let us pray that His light shines through what seems like a dark time in history. Please join me in praying that God changes us and our MHA community, through this process, for His glory.
Pick Up & Drop Off: Friday, 12-6 p.m.
Here are important details regarding Friday’s pick up and drop off of materials.

If you have not already responded with your need for printing materials, please do so by Thursday, 8 a.m. by notifying your homeroom teacher in grades PK-6 and Patsy Hall for grades 7-12.

To minimize exposure and maintain social distancing, please come through the front doors, bypass the front office, and go directly to St. Andrew’s, where you will find lunch tables labeled for each grade. Please use the hand sanitizing station before walking to your children’s appropriate grade-level tables. Pick up and drop off the appropriate materials, and then exit through the side or front doors. To minimize the risk for everyone, please limit the amount of time you are in the building.

Grammar School:  Folders with student names are sorted by grade for picking up and dropping off materials. Please place the materials you are returning in one folder and take home the other folder, which holds next week’s copies. Please bring this folder with your assignments the following Friday. Each week you will leave one folder and take the other folder. Please organize the assignments by subject alphabetically and as directed by your child’s homeroom teacher.

Rhetoric School: Students should find the folder with their names to pick up new materials if printing has been requested. To return assignments, please find the separate teacher table, which includes folders for each Rhetoric School teacher. Place each assignment in a folder to the corresponding teacher.
MHA Online Classroom: Day One
The faculty, staff, and administration are praying for you all as we transition to the new MHA Online Classroom.

Thank you for your feedback! We already are making adjustments to improve the platform. Rhetoric School families will notice a slight reorganization in their uploaded files.
As changes are made, you may need to refresh the Online Classroom in your browser.

We appreciate your patience as we improve the platform, the way instruction is delivered, and our communication efforts.
Join new Facebook Group for a Community of Support

MHA at Home is a support group for the MHA community as we navigate together the temporary transition to at-home learning. It’s a place to help our community continue to thrive and to support one another. Please share resources, tips, words of encouragement, and photos or videos of what school looks like for your students at home.

Remember, the online classroom portal and your child’s teachers are your primary sources of information for specifics on instruction and content. This group is a place to foster community and support one another.  

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