30 June 2021

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In this Issue:
Thank you Rev. Beverley Williams at Flemingdon Park Ministry
Interview with Mrs. Liu Shujun of Flemingdon Park Ministry


Flemingdon Park Ministry

Thank you Beverley

Time of Transition
(from The FPM Advocate - 22 June 2021)

The pandemic has brought about many changes. Transitions, adjustments, cancellations, delays. FPM is embarking on one more change in the very near future. The change of the executive director.
This communication comes as both an announcement of my leaving and a thank you for all that I have been a part of for the past five years.
It was a difficult decision to leave FPM but this is a good time for new leadership. The staff team is solid, and so committed. It has been an absolute delight working with these gifted, dedicated and grace filled human beings. I could not have asked for a better team. They truly are the cream of the crop.
And we have a plan. FPM has a clear vision moving forward and is in the ideal position for a new director to come on board and take the organization to the next level. As an organization, FPM is primed and ready to go!
I am proud of the work we have done. I am immensely proud of The Common Table Farm and Market project. Watching that idea take shape, grow, and serve so many people in the Flemingdon Park area will be my forever joy as I embark on my new path.
FPM is a committed partner and working with other agencies is something that we have always done well and this staff team has made those connections even stronger.
I am grateful to the staff, the board, our community, our volunteers, and to our growing base of supporters. We can’t do the work we do without the generosity of those who support our work, so thank you. You have been an integral part of our work and I can’t tell you enough how much I have enjoyed the emails of support and encouragement for all that FPM does as it serves the community.
Again, thanks so much. It has been my immense pleasure to serve the people here in and around Flemingdon Park. I am excited for your next steps and what lies ahead for you. If the last five years is any indication, there will be much joy and love shared, as well as many, many, hungry bellies filled.
Be well. Keep safe. And be kind in all things.

Flemingdon Park Ministry

An interview with Mrs. Liu Shujun
(from the FPM Advocate - 3 June 2021)

 Due to COVID-19, Flemingdon Park Ministry has shifted many of its activities and programs. One of the programs is a weekly food hamper distribution to households at a nearby TCHC seniors building. Since the start of the pandemic, FPM has distributed over 5200 hampers, serving more than 100 households on average each week.
To assist our distribution efforts each Wednesday, several residents have volunteered diligently alongside our FPM team. Several weeks ago, Ben talked with one of the volunteers, Mrs. Liu Shujun, about her thoughts around the pandemic and volunteering. Unfortunately, a few weeks after the interview we learned that Mrs. Liu broke her arm while at home, so she has not been able to volunteer with us since then.
Here are some highlights from our interview with Mrs. Liu, translated from Mandarin Chinese.

Q: Tell us about you and your family.
My family moved to Canada over 20 years ago, and my husband and I have lived in Toronto for the last 12 years; our son and his family also live in Toronto. Our two granddaughters are almost finished their studies at University of Toronto.
Q: What is your feeling during the pandemic?
Actually, I am quite happy because in our building there are different programs provided by organizations and the government. I don't feel so lonely because there are activities available online, like medical talks about COVID, Chinese New Year celebrations, and singing and dancing groups.
Q: What is the hardest challenge during the pandemic?
It is difficult not being allowed to go out and meet others. The residents are mostly cautious and following the rules like wearing masks. Earlier in the spring, it was discouraging to see that the COVID numbers were not coming down. We really want to see the numbers come down.
Q: What are your thoughts about the Wednesday morning food distribution?
We are very happy and very touched by the sacrifice of the FPM staff, especially because the staff might be exposed to the virus in order to bring food to seniors. We are more than grateful for what FPM is doing. That is one reason why our group of volunteers want to do more than say thanks and to help out.
Q: You have been very helpful with assisting our food hamper program. Did you have prior experience volunteering?
Yes, I have helped with many different organizations before, in China and also in Canada. I have worked with an organization that helps people with disabilities, and also with other “bai tou ni” seniors organizations. So, I am familiar with things like organization procedures, training, and police screening.

Q: What about the other volunteers, why do they volunteer?
They appreciate that Canada has helped them as immigrants and seniors. Since they are still able-bodied and willing to give back, they want to show their appreciation to the Canadian society, government and organizations for the welcome and assistance they received.

Q: The residents in the building received their first vaccination in March. What did you feel afterwards?
As far as I know, the residents did not experience any reaction from the vaccine. The process was very good, and we appreciate the interpreters who help to explain the vaccination process.
Q: When the pandemic lockdown finally ends, what is the first thing you want to do?
The first thing we want is to go outside freely and to go travelling again. We want to return to normal, like before the pandemic, and be able to see friends and family.
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