Highlights from Tiempo de Cámara Opening Reception and Exhibition

We are so proud of the installation of Cuco's latest exhibition in Spain at Ca Joan Altea. During these trying times, having the opportunity to bring these beautiful pieces to such a magical setting was not an easy undertaking, but definitely a rewarding one. Thank you to everyone that has come by to see the installation as well as to our newest collectors that are taking many of the pieces home. The show will run through the end of September and we look forward to introducing more people to Cuco's work.

Please check out additional photos of the installation and opening on our website here.
Tiempo de Cámara Private Viewing Room Link
We have created a private link for the current exhibition in our Viewing Room. Please click here to be taken directly to the site with purchase options for all editions currently being shown in Spain.

Limited Release: Velero
As part of this new exhibition, Cuco has released two limited edition works dedicated to the beautiful Costa Blanca city of Altea.

In this piece, entitled Velero (sailboat in English), he brings to life the seascape during the summer solstice, the longest day and shortest night of the year, revealing a canvas of fire and sea melting into one another. The contrasting gold and silver brushstrokes over the waters surface distorts the reality of the magical sky above Altea.
Please don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested in any of Cuco's work or would like to touch base on what he is working on. We look forward to being in touch and hope to see and hear from you soon!

Warm wishes,
Cuco de Frutos & Patricia Tanner
Cuco de Frutos
Fine Art Photography LLC