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In the Nov/Dec issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we take a deeper look at one alternative to the current economic system: degrowth. We unpick the theory and consider what living 'a degrowth life' would really be like. 

In his keynotes article, Rob Hopkins, co-founder of Transition Network discusses why we need to imagine a world where everything turns out OK. We hope that as policymakers convene in Chile in December for the 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) the positive power of imagination will also shine through.

Mitch Anderson brings us some good news from the Amazon, and Sasha Dovzhyk reflects on the living legacy of Chernobyl. In our Arts section, artist Olafur Eliasson explores art and hope in an age of crisis.

Many of the articles from our Nov/Dec issue are available to  read in full  on the Resurgence website, so do take a look. We've selected some highlights for you in this newsletter... 

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Mission Status

Catherine Early talks to Andrew Higham, chief executive of Mission 2020, an organisation working towards an end to peak emissions by the end of this decade. 

While there is scope for optimism, more political focus is desperately needed if we are to meet this target. 

Calling Out Racism to
Save Our Planet

The environmental sector is institutionally racist and needs to tackle this urgently.

Conservationist and President of Black2Nature Mya-Rose Craig challenges the environmental sector to take action and puts forward proposals to break down the barriers that exclude minority ethnic people from this movement. 
A Growing Dilemma 

Ecologist editor Brendan Montague looks at the role of economic growth in our society and explains why it is not only flawed, but dangerous - leading to a race to the bottom with environment and human health sacrificed. 

We need to re-focus our societies on real wealth, placing more value on free time, connection and creative expression. 

Less Is More 

The idea of living off-grid in the wilderness appeals to many, but few people do it.

PL Henderson recalls her life living in a tiny cabin, with no running water - a time for learning new skills, exchanging produce with neighbours and connecting with the natural world around her. 

The Cost of Living Well

David Rodríguez Goyes reviews Living Well at Others' Expense: The Hidden Cost of Western Prosperity, a book that explores the global dynamic of exploitation. 

This book is a timely reminder of global injustices and the need for everyone to be part of the solution and not the problem. 

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Resistance in the Amazon * Mitch Anderson
The Waorani victory is good news for all of us

What If... * Rob Hopkins
To build a better world we must unleash our imaginations

Degrowth - Which Way To Grow * Gareth Dale
Degrowth verses a Green New Deal

The Highest Form of Hope * Bidisha
The role of art in addressing the climate crisis

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