On Tuesday, more than 200 guests joined in supporting School in the Square’s work to inspire a community of Washington Heights youth to realize their full potential. We are grateful to our board for their leadership and generosity.

The Back to School Showcase Gala created proximity and connection with all our stakeholders - students, teachers, parents, supporters and the wider Washington Heights community. From the moment guests entered our building an S2 student ambassador was ready to greet and guide them on a learning tour of our school. Together they explored our classrooms making stops to solve math boggles, create energy bars for rescue workers in our innovative science room, view literature come to life at S2 and how dynamic history lessons assist students find their voice.
Photos: (top left to right clockwise) S2 Student Ambassadors with Sherry King and Mr. Aristotle Rivas; S2 Teachers Ms.Yarimil Alba, Ms. Sonja Whipp and Ms. Bri Schaar; S2 students leading a math boggle;
Ms. Kara Scagliola, S2 Board President Michael Pollack and Executive Director Evan Meyers.
HIghlights from the evening include:
"Before coming to this school, my daughter was bullied for 7 years. There wasn't a day that went by that I worried about my child's safety. My daughter has improved so much since starting at school in the square. She has loads of confidence and is always happy to come to school. You may have met her tonight. If you did I am sure you would be shocked to know that happy girl is the same one I am talking about. I'm so grateful for what this school has done for her and my family.
- Jadira Hiraldo-Troncoso
S2 7th grade parent

" What makes S2 different and stand out for me is the way we put relationships first before anything. I’m a mother and I empathize with parents who come to me about their child's need for extra support, the best part of those conversations are that they are solution oriented and parents leave feeling relief that yes their child is struggling but that there is hope for them to grow and that they will grow at S2 at their own pace."
- Sindia Vasquez
S2 Special Education Coordinator and Math Interventionist

"I can remember being six-years old and dreaming of becoming a teacher to help other children learn. As a young teacher I was shocked to learn how difficult finding a caring school environment for kids is in New York. Coming to S2 feels like a dream come true, being part of a team that believes in students, provides support and creativity for teachers to develop their craft."
- Sonja Whipp
6th grade ELA Teacher

But for many the highlight was the six alumni who took the stage at the end of the night and shared their journeys before landing at S2. Naomi, Noel, Ashley, Alondra, Joel and Alyissa reflected on the importance of their new home away from home.

"I was a hot-headed kid when I first came to S2. I didn't know what to do with my emotions. But at S2, I learned how to take a pause and think before I act. Now I feel confident about how I communicate with others and that has helped me a lot in life."
- Noel
Founding S2 student and alumni
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School in the Square (S2) engages, educates and empowers adolescents in Washington Heights to respond mindfully and creatively to life’s opportunities and challenges. S2 draws its name from the concept of the public square, where communities come together to solve problems and celebrate successes. We envision S2 as a place where students, families and educators are seen, heard and inspired, and where students build the academic foundations, emotional intelligence and leadership skills necessary to excel in college and professional life. In line with our commitment to equity and diversity, S2 is dedicated to serving all students by providing a differentiated and inclusive learning environment.