May 8, 2020
Highlights from This Week
As folks have asked me how I'm doing recently, I say the same thing: "I'm just grateful to be healthy." At the same time, however, the news cycle, the chaos of the times, and simply being cooped up at home for weeks at a time make it difficult to maintain a positive mindset. Many of us are longing to meet up with friends, sit down at our favorite restaurants, or hug a family member we haven't seen in a while. While that's not fully possible now, it will be soon. Things may not return to normal right away, but our situation is temporary and our resolve is strong. In the meantime, hold the line. We'll get through this.

As always, you can reach our office at (770) 425-5573 or by visiting our website at . Head to our Facebook , YouTube , Twitter , Instagram , and LinkedIn accounts to stay on top of how we're serving you and our community during this time, and above all, stay healthy.

Bill Gentry
Gentry Law Firm LLC
Virtual Magic Show
To provide a little bit of entertainment for you and your family from the safety of your home, I'll be hosting a free virtual magic show starring renowned magician  Kostya Kimlat o n Wednesday, May 13th, at 8:00 p.m . Kostya has performed for – and stumped – Penn and Teller on their television show,  Fool Us , and regularly speaks to executives at companies like Sysco, AT&T, Siemens, and more.

While the event is free, registration is limited, so I would encourage you to act quickly and  sign up now  to make sure that you and your family can participate. We'll be broadcasting live via Zoom, so don't be late!
Upcoming Move
Things are gearing up for us at the Gentry Law Firm as we prepare for our big move! We're planning to have things up and running at the new office just down the road by June 1st.

In the meantime, we are still operating from our old location and can still be reached at:
506 Roswell St.
Ste. 240
Marietta, GA 30060

More details to come!
Protecting Children's Interests in Custody & Divorce
On Wednesday, for this week's webinar, my associate Kimi Wise was joined by attorney, mediator, and guardian ad litem Amanda Moulthrop. Amanda shared with us the ways the coronavirus has been affecting her work and provided helpful suggestions for how parents can best put their children's interests first especially during this time.

Click here to watch the full video and here to learn more about Amanda's work at Moulthrop Law & Moulthrop Mediation.
Webinar with Judge Reuben Green
Next week, our guest will be none other than Cobb County Superior Court Chief Judge Reuben Green! I'm honored that Judge Green will be joining me and sharing his insights into how Covid has impacted the Courts and what to expect going forward.

You can sign up to participate in next week's Wednesday webinar on May 13th at noon by clicking here .
Lawyer Well-Being Week
Unfortunately, attorneys experience high rates of mental health issues like depression and anxiety. This week, however, the State Bar of Georgia has been taking a wide range of steps to assist lawyers across the state and provide much-needed resources. For Lawyer Well-Being Week, attorneys like Kimi and me have been sharing the reasons we practice law.

You can find Kimi's post here , mine here , and additional resources for lawyers' well-being here .
News & Resources
Chief Justice Harold D. Melton announced that he will extend for another month the Statewide Judicial Emergency, which is due to expire May 13. Under an order the Chief Justice plans to sign later this week, the emergency initially declared on March 14 will be extended for a second time until Friday, June 12, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. It was originally due to expire April 13 before the Chief Justice extended it the first time until May.

Read more here .
Having issues with depression? Anxiety? Alcohol or substance abuse? Work/life balance? The stress of supporting a family member with these or other issues? Request a peer volunteer now.

Learn more here