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November 2014 - In This Issue:
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Jump$tart Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Educators
Conference Theme: Teachers are the True Stars!

The Hollywood paparazzi was waiting to greet the 235 K-12 educators from 48 states attending the 2014 Jump$tart Coalition National Educator Conference last weekend. Red carpet was rolled out to greet teachers, kicking off the conference with the theme reinforced throughout the weekend: Teachers are the true stars. 

Educators received access to financial education resources, personal and professional development, and were encouraged to network with a national network of colleagues and resource providers. 

Conference Highlights

For educators who were not able to attend this year, here are just some of the many conference highlights:

Educators at the conference were the first to receive a hard copy of the new 2015 National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education

ConsumerMan Herb Weisbaum warned educators about scams and identity theft challenges our students face in the complex digital era they are growing up in. He cautioned teachers downloading free apps to be mindful. "If you're not paying for something," Weisbaum said, "you are the product." (HSFPP materials excluded, of course.)

Dr. Joyce Serido provided insight into the behavior of young adults learned from the Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students (APLUS) research. Her top tips to teachers: 
  • "The most important thing is to engage students. Don't be the wizard, be the coach."
  • "Teaching them content is good. Teaching them why the content is relevant is essential."
  • "Do not tell students what they should be doing from your perspective. Tell them how to accomplish their goals."
Did you know that Bruce Wayne commits financial fraud in the movie "Batman Begins"? Teachers learned how in the Money In The Movies™ session presented by Peter Bielagus.

Bielagus reviews popular films for their financial accuracy and serves up a financial lesson from each movie. His videos are a free resource for teachers, selecting movie clips that highlight financial lessons, while taking out any scenes that are not PG friendly. 

Want more conference highlights? Check out #NEC14 on Twitter.

NEFE Welcomes HSFPP Winners in LA!

HSFPP covered conference and travel expenses for three of our INspiring INnovative INstructors to join us at the Jump$tart Conference. 

Our three INstructors joined HSFPP staff in Los Angeles, and also had an opportunity to meet Ted Beck, NEFE's CEO and President, and two members of NEFE's Board of Directors. Here are their stories of how they use HSFPP in their classroom.
Ann Endicott, CTE Student Services Coordinator
Marshall County Shools, Holly Springs, MS

Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences Resource Management classes I quickly learned what many of my teenage students deal with. I had a guest speaker from the Mississippi Extension Services who was speaking to my students about personal finances and the first question he asked as an opener to his presentation was "How many of you have a bad credit rating?" Many hands were raised in response! I was shocked. Most of these teens were not even old enough to have a personal checking account. Their parents had used their social security number and had gotten them into financial problems.

I have been on a mission to make information and materials available to each student I have to help them in planning their financial future without a bad credit rating from the start.

The materials from the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program make my job easier. We are a "critical needs" school district so receiving free materials for each student is major. Students take information home to share!
Rhonda Malcolm,Teacher, Business Education
USD497, Lawrence, KS

The materials are used to educate students about money management skills. High school students may or may not go to college but they all will need to manage their money the rest of their lives. I am pleased to be able to add knowledge and skills to their ability to be financially successful adults. 

MaryBeth Bailey,Teacher
Bryant Public Schools, Bryant, AR

I have used the Money Management modules in my class to teach my seventh graders about SMART goals and being smart with their finances. I really like the HSFPP module curriculum because I do not have to go looking for different materials to teach my lessons. I can go to one place and have the modules mailed to my school.
NEW NEFE Articles 


Instructors can use articles from NEFE's Smart About Money and On Your Own to engage students in discussion. New content relevant to teens and educators is posted frequently on our Facebook Page


On Your Own (HSFPP Modules Related to the On Your Own content)


Lessons from My Younger Self: Why You Need to Start Saving Now (Modules 1 and 4)

William Bernstein shares his story of how he lucked into his retirement plan, and why today's young people should start saving now.

 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your So-Called Career (Module 3)

Finding a job is hard enough - launching a meaningful career is even harder, as we learn through the story of 28-year-old Chris who spent a year-and-a-half living with his parents after graduation without getting so much as an interview. Here are 5 tips to accelerate the process.


How I Did It: Started a Movement (Modules 1 and 3)

Social activist and musician Mike de la Rocha, founder of Living Rooms Across America, shares how he is using financial education to reform the criminal justice system. 


Smart About Money: Protect Yourself 


6 Common Frauds and How to Avoid Them

Is Debt Consolidation Right for You?

A True Story of Predatory Lending


SAM Says Newsletter: "Zombie Debt" is not the name of the next Hollywood smash Halloween movie. The October issue of SAM Says shares Chelsea Norton's spooky story of a phone bill paid in full when she was a teenager that rose up to haunt her years later.

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