Russian American Chamber of South
Florida "RAC" Karaoke Business Mixer hosted by PlugIn Karaoke in
Hallandale Beach, Florida
There’s nothing more fun than rocking out to your favorite tunes with colleagues and friends. Whether we were singing center stage, helping out with background vocals or simply laughing and having a great time, RAC’s first “Karaoke” Business Mixer was a blast! PlugIn Karaoke was the perfect spot to relax, unwind and have an amazing time singing your favorite songs. A huge thank you to PlugIn Karaoke for going above and beyond to welcome RAC members and friends to their state-of-the-art karaoke club. While everyone was expecting great fun with Karaoke, the most unexpected surprise of the evening was the food. Everyone agreed the gourmet hors d’oeuvres were something you would expect at a high-end restaurant and their tuna tartar was one of the best in South Florida. The holidays are coming and PlugIn Karaoke is the perfect place to go with co-workers for a holiday party or team building experience. An absolute must-try for everyone!
Another surprise of the evening was a special performance by an up and coming young artist who blew everyone away with her rendition of Hallelujah and Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Shallow. Angelina Alla Scaduto is only 11 years old and well on her way to becoming the next singing sensation. Mark our words... she'll be selling out concert tickets before you know it!
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Thank you to all our members and friends who joined us for another great event. Personal relationships are still the number one reason why people do business together!

PlugIn is a new, highly engaging entertainment experience that is all about getting together with friends and colleagues for an unforgettable night of music, food & drinks! PlugIn is a unique entertainment experience where you can share some of life’s most memorable moments with friends, family and colleagues. Within their private karaoke rooms of varying sizes, you’ll find a playlist of over 35,000 songs in a variety of languages and cutting-edge audio/visual technology. What’s more? You’ll get a taste of their in-room dining experience, with gourmet culinary options and an extensive wine, beer, spirits and cocktail menu. A very special thank you to PlugIn for hosting this great event!!!
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