It was an incredible evening as many members and guests joined us for RAC Share the Love Business Mixer at Adena Grill & Wine Bar to enjoy delicious food, chilled wine and to make long lasting relationships to further the growth of their businesses. This special evening celebrated Heart Month in a special way... #CELEBRATELIFE. Our Special Guests included Michele Slane, Vice-President of the Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Dr. Enrique Gongora, a Board-Certified Cardiac Surgeon at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute and their patient, Jeannie Lee Sullivan. Jeannie shared her courageous story with us and how she overcame one of life’s greatest challenges. Jeannie made everyone pause and reflect on how many of us take life for granted and get consumed with our everyday lives. It’s hearing stories like Jeannie’s that makes you remember how precious life is. It is thanks to Dr. Enrique Gongora and the expert team of medical professionals at Memorial Regional Cardiac & Vascular Institute that Jeannie lived to share her story with us. Thank you to our three special guests for joining us for this heartwarming event.
It was a great evening among great friends both new and old. Thank you to all our members and friends who joined us for this special event. Personal relationships are still the number one reason why people do business together! 
There's nothing better than mixing and mingling with some of South Florida's top business professionals, while enjoying delicious food, drinks and conversation.
This event was another great example of how Russian American Chamber continues bringing people together for the purpose of bringing unity to the Russian community, bridging ties between Russian and American businesses and creating an entrepreneurial environment where companies grow, individuals succeed and the community benefits.
A very special thank you to Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute for hosting the RAC Share the Love Business Mixer.
As always - a huge thank you to our incredible photographer, Alexey Olivenko for the amazing photos and who is always there to capture our special memories. We highly recommend Alexey Olivenko for all your photography needs.
Since its inception in 1953, Memorial Healthcare System has been a leader in providing high-quality healthcare services   to South Florida residents. Today, it is one of the largest public healthcare systems in the nation and highly regarded for its exceptional patient and family centered care. Memorial's patient, physician and employee satisfaction rates are some of the most admired in the country, and the system is recognized as a national leader in quality healthcare.
Memorial Regional Hospital is the flagship facility of the healthcare system and is one of the largest hospitals in Florida. Memorial Regional Hospital offers extensive and diverse health care services, one of which includes Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute featuring renowned surgeons.
Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute provides total heart care for every heart at every age and every stage. A proven leader in cardiovascular care in South Florida and beyond, Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute performed the first adult heart transplant in Broward County and they perform the most interventional cardiology procedures and cardiac surgeries in Broward County.
While the Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute team is extremely knowledgeable about diagnosis and treatment, above all else, they care about their patients and their families. Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute is committed to providing patient and family centered care, which means patients and their loved ones are partners on their healthcare team Memorial’s mission is to “heal the body, mind and spirit of those we touch”. A huge thank you to Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute for hosting this very special event!
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