"You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart." 
The RC Mission Corps Summer Program marks the first formation event of a Missionary's year. It is a time spent in prayer, class, and making lifelong friendships with fellow missionaries.  
It is a time of preparation for the Mission year ahead.

We are so excited to share some of the highlights from this event with you! 
          Smile Missions 
By Anna Stevenson, RC Missionary

As a missionary our goal is to serve but it is also to follow. Many people will be looking to us to lead them, but first we must allow ourselves to be led by Our Lord. The act of following Him in mission has incarnated itself primarily  through stepping out of our comfort zones and loving people without reserve. One example of following Christ to the end of our comfort zone is when we went on “smile missions” in the Providence Mall. This was our first mission and although a joyful one, it brought us face to face with our limitations. We encountered people and were witnesses of love, but for me, I wanted to give more yet felt inadequate in dispelling their darkness. It was then that I realized, He will provide the healing ointment, I am just the band-aid. 

 God calls all His children out upon the waves to encounter Him, and like Peter we must jump in to meet Him. However, anything God calls us to, He always provides the grace we need to answer. To be Christ’s apostle is not to shun weaknesses and failures, but to bring them to him as a small child would and ask for His redemptive love to make beautiful things out of our mess. When I first thought of this, I looked to Peter as an example. After the resurrection Peter reverted back to His old ways of fishing, and yet God sought after Him and called Him nonetheless. You can imagine how frustrated and angry he was at himself before God found him; he had caught nothing. This is what missionary life keeps reminding me of: God calls Peter out of himself and asks him to trust simply; “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some”(Jn 21:6). Through this passage I realized that God uses our weaknesses and our failings to show that we cannot do it alone; we are nothing without God. This is the core of our apostolate: letting God use us as we are for the sole purpose of spreading His Kingdom
Jude LeCompte from Louisiana
The men's Summer Course is held in Indiana at the Sacred Heart Apostolic School. Fr. Juan Jose Hernandez is doing an amazing job directing this group of young men. 
Stay tuned for our missionary assignments in our next newsletter! 
Beverly Dalton from Manila 
Angie Hilbun, a Consecrated woman with Regnum Christi, is directing the Women's Summer Formation course at Overbrook Academy in Rhode Island. She is doing wonderful work with these young women!
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