TLA Recap of April, 2018
What does it take to create literate, compassionate, creative citizens who will improve our world? - This is the framing question behind everything we do at The Learning Alliance!
TLA Upcoming Events - Summer 2018:

May 30: Moonshot Community Action Network Meeting at TEC
July 12: National Summer Learning Day
July 16-20: Moonshot Summer Institute
July 23-28: Campaign for Grade Level Reading Conference
July 28-August 7: Moonshot Nation Tour (with the Reading Rocket)
TLA Celebrates the Moonshot Moment with our Annual Gala Event - April 4
On April 4, Team TLA hosted our annual Gala event to celebrate the Moonshot Moment's impact on our children, community leaders and teachers. Held at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, our guests included educators, nonprofits, community leaders and philanthropists to hear the story of how "The Power of the Community's Moonshot Story to Change the World" is unfolding in Indian River County through the collaborative efforts of our Moonshot Community literacy proponents.

The talented drama troupe from Indian River Charter High School dressed as our favorite classic storybook characters, to support the "Story" theme!
Storybook Characters

The videos that were showcased during the Gala event are accessible at the links below. We are grateful to our Moonshot Community - who have taken the Moonshot Moment from a 90% literacy vision; to a Moonshot Moment Movement; to create this fabulous Moonshot Community where we take a stand for children and early education!
Video: The brave story of Tyler Ginn, a struggling 3rd grader who is now an A/B Honor Roll student in 9th grade, touched all of us, as he and his Mother, Shelby, shared the feelings of despair that come from not being able to read . . . and the feeling of success and belonging that were achieved when TLA's interventions were provided.
Video: Hear testimonials from a veteran and a new teacher regarding the importance of professional development to support ALL children and inspire teachers. TLA's Enriched Literacy Training augments the school district's in-school professional development programs.
Video: A Moonshot Community understands that education starts at birth and schools can't be in it alone. It is the story of what we can accomplish together by putting our youngest citizens first!
Video: Indian River Academy's transformative journey showcases the power to improve our students' lives when a community comes together in support of our schools.
Who doesn't love a parade? The night was a true celebration - culminating with our own Moonshot New Orleans-style Second Line parade with parasols, handkerchiefs, and a brass band! Together, we ARE Moonshot!
Wendy Liz Pat Fra Katie Debbi Sue Leslie Bridget at Gala
Members of Team TLA: Wendy Riefler, Liz Bahl, Pat Shaw, Fran McDonough, Katie Sarbak, Debbi Arseneaux, Sue Curtis, Leslie Connelly, Bridget Lyons
Barbara Shelby and Tyler
Barbara Hammond, Shelby and Tyler Ginn
Ray and Barbara and Liz dancing
Barbara Hammond, Ray Oglethorpe, and Liz Remington starting the Parade
Barbara and parents Rieflers
Patsy and Don Riefler with their daughter Barbara Hammond
Madeleine and Jean
Madeleine Bouldin presenting flowers to Jean Oglethorpe
Jay_Bridget_Tom Hardy_Barry
Jay Krier, Bridget Lyons, Thomas Hardy and Barry Tatem
Jean and Ray and characters
Jean and Ray Oglethorpe with IRCHS Actors
The Learning Alliance Impact Team presented at UCF Literacy Symposium -April 6
UCF Symposium
Leslie Connelly, Fran McDonough, and Debbi Arseneaux, Educational Consultants from The Learning Alliance, were accepted to present two sessions at the 2018 University of Central Florida Literacy Symposium.
Thousands of literacy educators from across the country were present for this annual event. Participants were inspired and informed about TLA's work “ Enriched Literacy Learning Labs: Closing the Gap for Struggling Readers ” and “ The Power of Enriched Literacy to Transform Teaching and Learning .” One literacy coach from Martin County, FL came to both sessions and has planned a trip with several educators in her county for a follow up visit to see the work in action. Moonshot Nation, here we come!
The Learning Alliance Co-Hosts the 2nd Annual Gifford Moonshot Moment Literacy Festival - April 7
In the true spirit of our Moonshot community, we teamed up with Michele Holiday of Living Hope Fellowship Church, and with the support of our Moonshot Community Action Network members, SDIRC, GYAC and local churches, held the 2nd annual Moonshot Moment Family Literacy Festival at Gifford Middle School on April 7. 
TLA was honored to again support Michele, Wanda and Sol Holiday of Living Hope Fellowship Church in Gifford, for the annual literacy celebration! It's more than just a fun day, as it also provides families with easy-to-do literacy-building activities that they may continue at home.
Lit Festival Group
Lit Festival guest authors
Several guest authors were on hand sharing their books and promoting literacy through their passion for reading and writing. Author William T. Holt's books promote character-building through lessons he learned at his grandfather’s knee; Angela Thomas Peterson shared her love of reading through poetry and anti-bullying; and Tasheba Berry-McLaren's book “Space Station Elementary” was on point with her space-travel-themed book focused on “empowering the minds of students one planet at a time.”
Lit Festival Poets
The event included a Moonshot Poetry Slam, kicked off by volunteer and poet extraordinaire, Dorrian Bridges! Bridges inspired several young poets to participate, as seen here. Judges Shawn Frost, Tiffany Justice, Dr. Nivea Torres and Principal Tosha Jones, had a tough time selecting a winner, but in the end, Vivian McFall took home the top prize for her poem, winning an iPad.
The Learning Alliance helped TLA Partnership school Pelican Island Elementary to fulfill their mission to Learn Outside! - April 20 "Earth Day Celebration"
To celebrate Earth Day, all students rotated through a series of learning experiences that made powerful connections to the local and global community, and showcased how their actions can impact their world.
The East Coast Mermaid, Alexandria Roque, leads an interactive read aloud of Mermaid Meg and the Magic Lagoon , a core text used in TLA's afterschool Moonshot Academy. 
Rocket Experience with Butterfly Story at PIE
Bridget Lyons, Manager of TLA's Moonshot Reading Rocket, led students in a participatory Enriched Literacy performance based on a book about the importance of butterflies to the entire ecosystem.
TLA's 5th Annual Moonshot Sports “Read Across the Field” - April 21
2018 Read Across the Field
TLA's Marie O'Brien, Manager of Digital Media and Outreach, coordinated our fifth annual Moonshot Sports "Read Across the Field." Over 600 elementary school students and their families lined up on the Sebastian High football field, in the shape of the Moonshot Rocket, to show support for our Moonshot Moment literacy goal!
TLA Hosts Philadelphia "Read by 4th" Visitors for Peer-to-Peer Learning - Week of April 23
The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and TLA introduced our Moonshot Community to the leaders from Philadelphia's "Read by 4th" initiative with a week of peer-sharing events. We look forward to continue to learn together on our common goal of 3rd grade literacy!
Read by 4 Visit to CCR
The Learning Alliance's Moonshot Institute Workshop
Literacy on the Move: Follow the Moon to Applied Literacy
Saturday, April 28, 2018
Over 60 educators attended TLA's workshop at First Presbyterian Church to learn strategies for use in the Moonshot Academy summer session. They learned about the interdependence of animals, including humans, in our local ecosystem through a project-based, interdisciplinary experience. Participants learned strategies to deepen empathy, grow foundational literacy skills, and apply those skills through writing.
MSI April 28
Our Workshop attendees included visitors from Philadelphia's Read By Fourth, and six educators from nearby Brevard County who each expressed a desire to stay connected with TLA!
PIE and VBE Teachers
Guest presenters included teachers from Vero Beach Elementary and Pelican Island Elementary.
Leslie Stretch Activity
TLA's Moonshot Institute is an opportunity to model and practice the strategies that will be used in our extended learning Moonshot Academy programs.
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