May 2018

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May is Active Lifestyle Month
Check out all the great activities offered throughout May as part of Active Lifestyle Month. Try aqua fit, bocce ball, go on a walk and get creative! No experience necessary for new activities. We hope to see you at our activities this month!

Hiking and camping season is here
Colorado is the perfect place to experience the great outdoors. Hiking and camping are just two of the popular activities residents and visitors enjoy in our state. To keep you safe and help you have the best experience possible, here are a few tips as you head out on a day hike:

Food & Water
  • Stay hydrated. Drink four cups of water before a hike so you are carrying less. Two cups of fluid for each hour of hiking is recommended.
  • Pack lightweight foods/snacks such as trail mix, freeze-dried fruits, granola bars, nuts, whole grain bread slices or tortillas.
  • Avoid too much sugar. Apples, oranges and carrots are good options.
Safety First 
  • Carry a comfortable backpack that is not too heavy.
  • Pack extra food just in case you are out longer than planned.
  • A portable water filtration system or water purification tablets are a good idea.
  • Bring extra clothing and rain gear. Dress in layers.
  • Pack a knife or multi-purpose tool - a host of uses.
  • Pack a whistle, matches in water-proof container or lighter, and a flashlight.
  • First aid. Buy a prepacked kit if you are not sure what to include (available at outfitters).
  • Carry a map and compass as back-up to GPS. A map can help you locate an exit route in case of emergency or accident.
Sources:, (Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics), 
Soba noodle salad with grilled flank steak
Enjoy a healthy steak salad with a tasty Asian twist prepared in less than 30 minutes.
Do you know the warning signs of a stroke?
Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. It could happen on your street, in your workplace, at a store where you shop - anywhere. Your readiness to spot the warning signs of a stroke and call 911 could save a life or make the difference between a full recovery and long-term disability. That's why it's so important to learn F.A.S.T.

For more information about how to spot the signs of a stroke and what to do, click here.
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