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Hillary Clinton and Israel
A 30 Year-Record of Friendship, Leadership and Strength

"...America and Israel are in it together. This is a friendship that comes naturally to us. Americans honor Israel as a homeland dreamed of for generations and finally achieved by pioneering men and women in my lifetime. We share bedrock beliefs in freedom, equality, democracy, and the right to live without fear. What threatens Israel threatens America, and what strengthens Israel strengthens us."

 11/30/12 (Washington, DC)

As President, Hillary will protect Israel's security; confront regional threats facing the U.S. and Israel; and fight back against efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state.
  • requested a 20 percent increase in Israel's Qualitative Military Edge (QME)
  • worked to upgrade Patriot missiles and the Iron Dome system
  • led efforts to pass the harshest sanctions on Iran in history
  • fought successfully to have Israel's Magen David Adom accepted by the International Red Cross
  • increase support for rocket and missile defense systems
  • redouble international pressure on Iran to end its support of terrorist activities
  • stand-up against the BDS movement
  • expand shared security and intelligence operations between U.S. and Israel
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