The Middle School Performance will be next week on Thursday and Friday at 7pm.

March 4, 2016


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Next Week at Hilltop
Monday 3/7/16
Cultural Cooking

Tuesday 3/8/16

Wednesday 3/9/16
Spanish with Marco

Thursday 3/10/16
MS Performance 7pm

Friday 3/11/16
MS School Performance 1pm
MS Performance 7pm

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Coming Up...

Wednesday 3/16 
Make up Class for Spanish with 

Thursday 3/17
Noon Dismissal
Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday 3/18
No School
Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday 3/25
MS Hilltop Family Contra Dance

In Support of Alex Lier

As some of you may already know, Alex Lier, a middle schooler, is at Dartmouth Hospital battling a staph infection in his left arm which has made its way into his radial bone. He has had two surgeries this week and will have to remain at the hospital at least five more days. To show our love and support for Alex and his parents, Kim and Hal, during this very difficult time, we want to help them cover their food costs while staying in Lebanon. To this end we will be purchasing a gift certificate that they can use at the Co-op both up in Lebanon and here in Brattleboro, to make the transition home a bit easier. If you would like to donate, please leave your contribution with Rebecca at the front desk. Checks can be made out to Hilltop Montessori School: Memo: Supporting Alex. To avoid flooding Kim and Hal's email accounts, you can send good wishes and hear updates from Kim through: .


ASEP forms have gone out today, please have them back to school by  
March 14th!

Parent Teacher Conference emails have also been sent out, sign up now! Childcare is available on both days, please sign up at the front desk.


Saturday, APRIL 23 
2pm at The Latchis

Hilltop Montessori School and The Latchis Theater

for a very special children's concert
to benefit
Hilltop's Financial Aid Program

"Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem's Ranky Tanky is barefoot, front-porch, tap-your-feet folk music for families!" - USA Today

"Raucous toe-tappers and  stirring harmonies for the young and the young at heart." - FamilyFun

" of America's most inventive string bands..."   
 -The Boston Herald

We have a special ticketing option for this show. Purchase an extra ticket(s) and it will be donated to a local agency that will distribute to children who might not otherwise have the ability to attend the concert. Some of these children needing tickets might be Hilltop students and we're also partnering with the Boys and Girls Club, Youth Services, Groundworks Collaborative, Windham Childcare and HCRS.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for kids

Family Contra Dance Hosted by the Middle School

Join us on  March 25th  in the Arts Barn for a Middle School Boston Odyssey fundraiser. It will be a family-friendly contra dance with live music from Becky, Tracy and Keith Murphy. Admission is 5 dollars and there will be delicious appetizers and drinks to munch on. We would love to have you there!

-The Middle School

Toddler Program 

Birch Room

The Birch Room teachers wanted to share a great article we found on children and media. 

Have a terrific weekend!

-Cheryl, Serina, and Mariam

MJ and Isaac Explore Some New Works

Willow Room

Although we can still expect cold days in the next few months, it has become clear that Spring is almost here. One wonderful sign of this is the steam rising from the Sugar houses all throughout Vermont. We have begun to learn about Sugaring by exploring the tools of the trade. We have several books on the subject, as well as buckets, taps, tap line and different maple syrup containers.  We will continue to learn more about the sugaring process and even sampling some maple syrup! 

These Sugaring materials are included in the science area of our classroom. We also have many other works that explore the parts-of and nomenclature of a variety of subjects and scientific topics. Several children have explored the "parts of a bird" during this week. In April, we look forward to exploring Science in the Montessori classroom during our annual curriculum night. 

Lastly, we recommend that Willow Room families also read this weeks Newsletter from the Birch Room. There is much insight and valuable information regarding the impact of media on young children. As we continue to notice play that mimics superheros and other popular media, the boundaries of reality and fiction become harder for young children to identify. Often times, play fighting during these games results in real physical contact. In the Montessori classroom, we focus on reality, using real materials to engage with purposefully. Outside play can often involve these concepts. For example, a few children were so interested in our Sugaring lesson, that the red house became a sugar shack. Although imaginary, the children worked together to do a "real" task of collecting sap to boil to make Maple Syrup.

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you soon!

Jonathan, Rebecca and Jaime 

Astrid explores living/non-living classification

Pasture juices an orange

Archer explores sugaring
Cooper explores sugaring

Hazel makes a bird book

Lower El

Maria Montessori believed that, " Establishing lasting  peace  is the work of  education."  The series of lessons that we call "Fundamental Needs" is a great example of how we strive toward this goal.  

This week, Lower El discussed how we meet our fundamental needs of food, water, shelter, and clothing. Everyone, no matter where on earth they live, shares the same basic needs. Other fundamental needs, while not essential to our physical survival, are important to people throughout the world: music, nature, religion or spiritual beliefs, adornment, and other forms of art. Depending upon the biome in which we live, how we meet these needs will be different. The Sami people of the polar regions of Europe, for example, rely heavily on the reindeer for many of their fundamental needs. We discussed how these people, who live in Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, dressed in reindeer skins and fur for thousands of years, and used the animals for transportation, as well as for food.  

Last week we watched a video called "The World of the Lapps, Part One" a segment from Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom." Although they refer to the Sami people by the outdated name "Lapps," it is an excellent video for depicting the indigenous people of Europe. The second segment, "The World of the Lapps Part Two," may be of interest to your child.  

Protecting our Carpet: 
Now that Mud Season is officially here, please make sure that your child has a pair of inside shoes at school.  

Enjoy your weekend!
Kerstin and Patrick

Upper El

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Middle School

The Middle School Performance (as yet untitled) is happening next  Thursday and Friday evenings, March 10 and 11 at 7:00pm . There is also a school performance on Friday at 1pm.

Enjoy these rehearsal photographs. 

Hilltop Helpers

Hilltop Montessori School has a wonderful group of helpful families supporting each other in many ways: carpools, meals in time of need, hand-me-down snow pants, etc. We would like to provide this space in the newsletter as a place that people can share needs and "gifts" with the rest of the Hilltop community

Collections for  Carry Me Home
Julia Fedoruk (Upper El) continues to collect clothing and other items on behalf of Carry Me Home, the organization mentioned in the January 8 th Hilltop Newsletter. Carry Me Home is a Brattleboro based non-profit (501c3 approval pending) that sends clothing and baby carriers to Syrian refugees in Eastern Europe. Carry Me Home coordinates with volunteer organizations on the ground in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Greece to make sure the right items are sent, to the right places, when needed.

Please bring items from the list below to the collection box in the Hilltop Main
Lobby. Julia will deliver items from the box weekly to Carry Me Home, so items can get to Europe sooner. She will keep collecting until spring break. 

Thanks to your generosity, the box has been filled 9 times already!

NEEDED ITEMS  (All should be in gently-used or better condition)

Baby carriers: any type except hard-framed or recalled

Children's items
-winter outerwear:  jackets, preferably waterproof
-warmer pants & jeans (no snow pants)
-hats, gloves/mittens, scarves
-warm clothes for layering:  fleece items, tops, bottoms, tights, leggings, thermal underwear
-regular underwear, socks
-snow & rainproof boots
-LIGHT and SMALL toys/dolls/stuffed animals

Adult items
-socks (in good condition, no holes)

Additional items
-Light, sturdy backpacks
-Small flashlights with batteries included

You can find more information on Facebook , Indigo's Generosity , or Email .

Thank you!

Thank you  Hazel  for providing our students and staff with delicious pizza each week!


If you have a need, or a service or item to offer, let the  FRONT DESK  k now and we'll get it in the newsletter!

Shop and Drop some $$ to Hilltop!

Benefit  is a free iPhone and Android app that allows you to shop at places like Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, LLBean and many more , while giving up to 20% of every transaction back to your local organization. Just shop like you normally do and when it comes time to checkout, instead of pulling out your credit card, pull out the Benefit app and purchase a digital gift card that you redeem instantly. 

For instance, buy $200 worth of back to school clothing at the Gap, and $16 (8%) goes back to Hilltop Montessori School. It doesn't cost you a dime beyond what you were already going to spend. It's raising funds without fundraising! I recently bought water hog mats for my house from LLBean and raised $10 for Hilltop effortlessly!

Download the app select Hilltop Montessori School as your chosen beneficiary and enter payment information to start giving today.

For more information go to Feel free to share this info with family and friends. The more people who participate, the more funds we will raise.

When placing an order with amazon, simply go to and choose Hilltop Montessori School as your beneficiary.  Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to HMS. 

Purc hase items for a healthy home at and earn green for HMS! 15% of the total cost of your purchase to be exact! Check out their website for all kinds of earth friendly items from lunch box options to household cleaners to wellness products. Log on and choose Hilltop Montessori School as your beneficiary. 

Buying groceries at Price Chopper anyway? You could earn  HMS school supplies by using your Price Chopper Advantage Card. 

Visit and enter our school code 15137, your Advantage card number, your email address and the store where you shop. That's it! Then every time you shop with your card, you earn points towards school supplies. Easy peasy.

Community News

Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition 

The Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition's mission is to develop and implement a comprehensive community effort resulting in the ongoing prevention and reduction of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse in the Windham Southeast area. They are putting together a small focus group consisting of Hilltop Montessorri parents to gather thoughts, ideas, and challenges regarding parent seminars. The goal is for us to learn how we can best support and meet the needs of parents in the area of prevention. The focus group is on March 17th at 4:30pm  at Hilltop Montessori for 1 hour. Childcare is provided upon request. All participants will receive $15 gift cards to Price Chopper. Please contact  or call 802-257-2175 by March 15th if interested or if you have any questions. 

Brattleboro Schools Without Walls

Calling all curious, self directed, motivated high schoolers! Want to earn credit for doing the things you love? Ready to take charge of your learning? Welcome to Brattleboro School Without Walls, a community of students who are committed to deep, meaningful engagement in learning, in all of its possible forms. 
Information sessions:
Tuesday, March 1, 1pm
Wednesday, March 2, 5:30pm
Saturday, March 5, 11am
132 Main Street, Brooks House
For more information click here.

Girls on the Run

3rd-5th grade girls can join this wonderful exercise and personal growth program at Hilltop by registering here. (from that page, click on Southern Region 5K, then under the "Category" drop-down menu, choose Hilltop).   

Starting  March 9th, we will meet on Wednesdays and Fridays after school, from  3-4:30pm. The season will culminate with a 5K here in Brattleboro on Saturday May 21st.  The fee is $80, and need-based scholarships are available, which you can apply for during the online registration process or by contacting  Jess Rodrigues.  

GOTR will be brought to you by new coach Karen Blumberg (a.k.a. "Ben Berg's Mom") as well as returning coaches Jennifer Griffith (a.k.a. "that awesome lady who worked at the front desk last year") and Alix Fedoruk (a.k.a. "Annelise and Julia's Mom").  
GOTR is an international program founded in 1996, whose mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Designed to allow every girl to recognize her inner strength, the Girls on the Run curriculum inspires girls to define their lives on their own terms. Throughout the season, the girls make new friends, build their confidence, and celebrate all that makes them unique. The Girls on the Run lessons encourage positive emotional, social, mental, and physical development. Participants explore and discuss their own beliefs around experiences and challenges girls face at this age.  They also develop important strategies and skills to help them navigate life experiences. We start with helping the girls get a better understanding of who they are and what's important to them. Then, we look at the importance of teamwork and healthy relationships. And, finally, the girls explore how they can positively connect with and shape the world. Physical activity is woven into our program to inspire an appreciation of fitness and to build habits that lead to a lifetime of health. At the end of the three-month season, the girls participate in a Girls on the Run 5k event. This celebratory, non-competitive event is the culminating experience of the curriculum. Completing the 5k gives the girls a tangible understanding of the confidence that comes through accomplishment as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals. Crossing the finish line is a defining moment when the girls realize that even the seemingly impossible IS possible. More information and FAQs can be found  here, you may also contact Alix Fedoruk.

Hilltop Montessori School