The High Holy Days are a sacred time on the Jewish calendar for intense personal reflection and spiritual growth. Where are you? This year we must ask ourselves this question as we prepare ourselves both physically and mentally for the High Holy Days. To guide you, Hineni: Here I am, a weekly email series is designed to help make this time personally meaningful. Look for an email from Temple Sinai every Friday through October 9 with a video teaching from our clergy, a personal reflection from a Temple Sinai member, liturgical music, and High Holiday programming details. May this be a season of growth, renewal, and reflection for you. Shana Tovah!
Hineni: Selichot - September 12, 2020
How Do We Repair Our Relationships?
Rabbi Adam Wohlberg:

"How can we demonstrate that we are worthy of forgiveness? Before we turn to God we must first turn to those that we have hurt or offended."

Rabbi Wohlberg shares some thoughts on the Jewish way to Forgiveness.
Cantor Saralee Shrell-Fox:
Prayer of Forgiveness

"God knows that we are not perfect but we strive to be the best that we can be. The soul is your's God, the body is your work."

Listen to Eitan Katz tune for Haneshama Lach. A poem recited on Selichot and Yom Kippur.
Teshuva and Listening to The Other
Jodi Silverman
"What if instead of trying to prove our case, we took time to pause, step back, take a breath and get curious? Remove the anger. Remove the need to be right and just get curious and listen. When we lean into our curiosity instead of anger, we might actually learn something about a person and learn to understand why they think the way they do."
Tools for Reflecting During the Month of Elul
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